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  1. The only things of these i "think" i can answer is Bi- Di - I think its BDHI (Bearing Distance Heading Indicator)basicly is your indicator working and setup SAS Roll - Those are some big ass wings, turning off SAS feels like it gives you more roll authority to overcome it but i personally don't like it so leave them on Mils +53 - They are talking about the Gun Elevation Lead Setting Knob on th right panel by your knee. Below the Steer CMD knobs you can your gun elevation to +53
  2. Yeah mission 4 requires you to have the WW2 asset pack, not sure if this is a mistake but if not it should be added to the store page as a requirement.
  3. @Fri13 I don't get what you are trying to achieve here. If you are trying to point out flaws with the Gazelle, why? They have already publicly acknowledged those flaws and said they will be updating it after the KW is released. You have provided nothing new that hasn't already been said. If you do have new info of a bug that hasn't been raised and acknowledged, raise a bug report. If you are trying to say that the KW is going to be flawed, what are you basing this on? Until YOU have flown it you have no idea and even then its YOUR OPINION! You do realise they have actual KW pilots not
  4. 14th VFS Samurais 14thVFS | Kraut 14thVFS | H4VOK One question though, when TaoHermit asked about AIM 54 i think the idea was that if we are restricting the others to 120B's the idea would be to ban the MK60. Are we allowing all Phoenix versions?
  5. I know its last minute but if you're short on Huey or MI-8 pilots i'll be down
  6. Hi thanks, its a start but after that i get 21:03:40 - (awaiting additional input) 21:03:40 - Have result, identified as recipient : Jester 21:03:40 - Captured sentence: Jester radio tune 126.000 21:03:40 - Recognized : 'Jester Radio Tune 126.000' (contains 'jester') (Confidence 91)
  7. Probably a stupid question but how do i get jester to tun a specific VHF freq?
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