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  1. Bug is acknowledged by ED. Many thanks to @randomTOTEN for the answer to my earlier post at For more information click here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4296847&postcount=2
  2. @randomTOTEN, thank you very much for your answer, I hadn't realized until today. Much appreciated.
  3. Airport tall lights (lamps) don't affect in any way the aircraft, which remains obscured. While other light sources like the sun, the moon or even other aircraft landing lights have an effect over the aircraft and cockpit (reflections, shadows, etc.) the airport tall lamps are just illuminating the surrounding area while the aircraft and its cockpit remain dark. Don't know if this has been addressed yet or is being taken care of already. Thanks.
  4. Al Minhad - ramp lighting at night doesn't affect cockpit As a result, cockpit looks dark even when parked near a light source at night. Don't know if it is a general problem or a local one for the map.
  5. Will this campaing be migrated as well, as F-15C BFM Agressor? It is very much needed since there are no available training missions for the Eagle. Best regards.
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