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  1. I am extremely bad with computers and changing things so on fear of getting the (what a dolt treatment) I have OvGME how to I make this to work with it
  2. I am making progress I can final load mission but what does this mean
  3. When I load DCS it gets stuck on this screen and just started to-night log is included dcs.log
  4. Same issue stuck on the opening screen with the clouds dcs.log
  5. When Im down laod i then Copy and paste tech to Users/UserName/saved games/ Dcs.openbeta /Mods/ » folder : and it looks nothing like the file tree shown in read me When I open the mods folder it looks completely different
  6. I used a set of the Logitech pro for the 18 and other fixed wing no issues but I now only fly choppers and not the best for the so I will be selling them
  7. Does any one use leap motion in DCS id so how does it work https://www.ultraleap.com/
  8. Its defiantly you. I use a warthog stick and have no issues flying and I use no curves, as to the Multi crew that's not an issue with PC it's ED that broke the code. One thing to check on your cyclic settings is that you do not have any form of force feed back on
  9. Quick question did the Huey get multi crew yet :lol:
  10. @Cowboy10uk Takes a big man to admit they were wrong well done sir
  11. guess i need new glasses will look again thanks
  12. I swear I had seen a list of the Gazelle RWR symbology but cant find it any help out there
  13. I also support MemphisBelle on this. We at BSD played with it for a day or so on the "ACCEDENTAL RELEASE" and were impressed with it as it was since then nothing
  14. I did and have sent them back after 10 days of trying to get them to connect with no luck
  15. Thought I would get an answer from VRfree based on your comment which I sent to them. Below is there answer and it appears that you were wrong "As previously stated, our return and refund policy is straightforward. I don’t know what forum your message below is from, or even if it is about our VRfree gloves. What I can say is that if you purchase our gloves, try them, and decide they are not what you need, then you can return them and we will provide you with a refund."
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