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  1. Would just like to add that I also noticed this issue. I am using the very latest open beta
  2. Hello. I have a question about the F-18 profile for dcsflightpanels, on the radio panel the small inner knob changes the volume just fine but the bigger outer one doesn't change the radio channels can I fix this somehow ? Thanks.
  3. Yes everything is indeed on the same network. Tried contacting the developer through their website but got nothing
  4. Searching for serve Hello. I've recently been having this issue where the app just says searching for server and can't detect the server. any ideas on how to fix this ? I tried opening ports and checking my firewall stuff but nothing seems to work. Thank you in advance.
  5. With all due respect and while I think that you and the few people critical of the reaction of many in the user base have some good points about excessive hype, you are very much mistaken if you think that being silent about this decision would have changed people's reactions. You seem to be missing the main point which is that people think this is a bad move regardless of what their expectations were, I don't personally have any strong feelings about this and I wasn't expecting anything from FC4 but even I was quite perplexed with this. Saying FC4 would have been a great opportunity to
  6. Can you share your Nvidia settings and what you did to improve spotting for you. In my experience following the target has gotten easier for sure. But actually spotting the target and trying to acquire it visually is still challenging.
  7. Hello Again. Good news I've got everything working. After wasting allot of time with the firewall trying to figure out what might be going wrong with that. I ran out of ideas and I went back to my exports.lua file and simply took the line for DCS BIOS and copied it to the top of Exports.lua instead of the very bottom and it decided to work. the wheel is spinning and DCS BIOS commands are working now. I hope that helps someone in the future
  8. did all of those sadly nothing. Thank you very much for your help and time I appreciate it greatly it seems like as you said something is preventing communication. I'm happy with the keyboard emulation for now maybe I can figure out something later. I've been having the same problem with the CDU Ipad app maybe it's something I'm missing with the firewall or the export.lua itself If I find anything I will update you. Thanks again
  9. Hello. as I stated in a previous post the wheel is not spinning at all. Also I rechecked my DCS BIOS installation and everything seems to be where it needs to be. I can confirm that my flight panels are working, they work just fine with xplane 11. Also I already have the test software from logitech. I will download the FIP drivers and see what that does.
  10. Hello. I'm sure I installed DCS bios correctly but I will check again once I'm on my computer. Also Can you please point me towards where to get up to date drivers for the saitek panels. I got one I'm using now from some random download website because I couldn't find an official source Thank you
  11. Hello. First off you are correct about the flap switch I have it setup to the key command "g" for up and "Lshift +g" for down. I tried what you suggested here is again what I did : I right clicked on the AP button field selected "edit DCS-BIOS Control" I then clicked on New and searched for the "SAU Recovery mode" command I then set Input type at "Set state" and value sent to DCS-BIOS to 1 Tried it out on the sim and the button did nothing as you expected.
  12. Hello and thank you again. so far I only made two profiles for A-10C and for the Mig. here is what I did : I loaded up the Mig-21 profile launched DCS. The wheel never turned (it only turned when I first launched DCS flightpanels) The radio was not working like I said previously but I have the flaps switch on the multipanel set as a gear lever that part worked fine. when right clicking on the switch field it gives me two options "Edit sequence" and "Edit DCS-BIOS Control"
  13. Thank you for your reply I followed the DCS Bios installation process fully to the best of my knowledge I copied the DCS bios folder to saved games scripts folder and added the line to export.lua. To give a little bit more detail the radio panel displays the frequencies at least for the mig-21 for the A-10 the displays seem to show random numbers that don't match with the sim. Turning the knob and pushing the stby button does nothing as I stated before. For the multi panel the display only shows ALT and VS with nothing else but the buttons seem to work fine and execute commands in the s
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