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  1. Have you run the repair option for DCS? Which VR are you using?
  2. I had the same problem, couldn't figure out how to salute
  3. I get hooked up and 1 crew is standing twirling 2 fingers in the air. Won't launch. I looked and google but cant find anything. Anyone?
  4. I believe the engine need to be off to rearm in the FC3 Aircraft
  5. Go to start >eagle dynamics and click repair DCS world. It has helped me with many different issues. could hurt either. What are your system specs?
  6. :thumbup:I'd like to see nukes and napalm usable by every Plane as well :thumbup:
  7. C:\Users"profile name"\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta
  8. I cant seem to get the throttle separate for the stick. The stick moves when I move the throttle or the stick.
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