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  1. Twist axis comes with it, but you can lock it with a screw and pretend it doesn't exist :)
  2. There a way to give your livery an "order number", so its always at the top (and on by default). The other way is to rename the livery to start with a 0 or 1 (either the folder or in description.lua, try both to be sure). Both ways have the same effect and will work for single player, but there's no way around it in MP.
  3. I used Spacedesk for a while to use my laptop as a second monitor for my MFDs. FPS and video quality is fairly limited, but it works.
  4. Will it be possible to use extensions (100/200mm) for the stick? (current or future model) I'd like to get it for desktop use, but I'm curious to know if that could be a possibility. Also, can the stick be angled, or am I asking too much? :joystick::lol:
  5. Anti-radar missiles are not very efficient, and the AGM-122 wasn't a reliable way to get rid of SAM. Sidearm is a self defense weapon meant to keep the enemy on their guard more then actually destroy them. Even Harms are mostly use to force enemy radar off rather then destroy them. With an A-10, you can destroy them more reliably using AGM-64 that won't lose their target the second the radar turns off, and do so at a comparable range.
  6. In Jabbers video, I believe they mentionned the 3 hours was done by using 3 external fuel tanks, while in Redkite's video, he said the plane wouldn't have much air time with a mutli-mission loadout, ie with all pylons used for weapons or sensors and only internal fuel.
  7. The J-7G and J-10A would be the two I'd like to see the most and the J-8 is also an interesting bird. But since we already have the MiG-21Bis, I'd put the J-10 first, then the JH-7. That'd be nice.
  8. More like the F-16C didn't take much time because there was very little to test, while the JF-17 has a lot of features that needs to be tested.
  9. What I used to do with the X-52 was to go into the mapping software and eliminate the shift colomns for mode 2, 3 as well as pinkie + 1, 2, 3. With that done, I could use the pinkie switch and the joystick's mode selector as buttons. In this case, mode one could be AA guns, mode 2 for PCA and mode 3 for Magic. Of course, without modes and pinkie switch, you have to be a bit creative with the mapping, but the Mirage's HOTAS isn't full of hat switches, so its shouldn't be too bad.
  10. Canadian specs aren't part of the planned release for the Hornet. ED even withdrew the Sniper from the F-16's feature list due to a lack of public sources on it.
  11. The missile has to be UNCAGED to find a target and fire. In CAGED mode the sensors are locked to boresight or disabled in the case of the AGM-65E. You can only fire once the seeker is locked on to something.
  12. I can confirm the translation is correct. I would add that they do not mention any public release of these assets, only that the AdA would like to use them. The only confirmation is the -5 by Prowler.
  13. Zoom is the antenna elevation up/down buttons
  14. I'd like to point out that some modules need documentation that is quite hard to find. The M2000C was available before RAZBAM started working with the French AdA to improve it. Setting a one year limit would only push devs to do more guess work and remove/change features later, which may annoy people because "its not what they paid for". A more realistic approach would be to ask for some features to be completed for early release, like the flight model, start up, etc. There are quite a few people who enjoy flying the plane even without its full weapon capabilities. They should also have a
  15. It should be available for transfer once the module is released.
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