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  1. Also select stored heading box on the bottom of the HSI when alignment starts and it takes 90 seconds instead of 8 minutes.
  2. I'm getting the same error and I don't have the new A10C. Simshaker will not even load.
  3. Yes, but its not all the time. Someone said when they were testing it seemed when a radar is damaged but not destroyed and it tries to turn on and search for new target that it crashes.
  4. Its a F8 ground crew option when you are starting up. One or the other not both.
  5. Out of stock seconds after launch. Crazy.
  6. I have found the AWACs as useless on the Syria map for some reason. They don't seem to see anything.
  7. They are not bugged. I have practiced launching about 30 of them in the past week in both TOO (using FLIR) and PP with coordinates. They work and I get the video terminal guidance. I watched the Wags video before I practiced to get the process down.
  8. Try landing with the ball slightly high all the way down. It does not like when you are shallow, even a little.
  9. I do this with Moose script. Without it the AI will suck your tankers dry and RTB. With Moose you can set the min fuel level before they refuel and what tanker to use.
  10. My range script using mist does not pick up hits by the SLAM. It is fine with LGB, JDAMs etc. Do I have to add SLAM to the script somehow for it to recognize the hit?
  11. BIGNEWY, What are your NVIDIA settings? Was there one in particular that brought the frame rates up? thanks.
  12. They are in the game now and work well. Some tutorials on youtube on them.
  13. Totally agree, I just bought it yesterday and was blown away. Frame rate was poor but I'm sure they will optimize that. I even taxied around for a while admiring the ground detail at the airfield.
  14. Looks like its anything red. I was in a Viper on the PG map at night and had the red blooms for anything red at the airfields, buildings etc. Rift S, bloom unchecked.
  15. You can try keeping 404, and just do a time more 3 sec for the second SC in a second script like I did above with your 2nd ship ID. I have not tested that, but that should work also I think.
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