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  1. simple answer = No. Not in Vista anyway, not sure about XP. I think the spikes have something to do with ATI CCC. I was running ATITool and don't remember having FPS ups and downs. I can't get ATITool to work anymore so I had to switch to ATI CCC and that's when the problems arose for me. I wish someone had a simple fix to get ATITool working in Vista 64.
  2. It's not in BestBuy yet. Not until 4/24/09 which is an estimated arrival date. OK, maybe some BestBuys have it already. I'll have t check my local BB tomorrow.
  3. Here you go. It's a long read, but everything you need to know is in here. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=32630
  4. I'm guessing a real KA-50 pilot has other charts at his disposal for such things.
  5. Sorry, can't answer that as I don't do multiplayer.
  6. Those are all trade-offs we live with for having multi-monitors. Although, Someone has posted a fix to get the FPS counter back. I looked for it but couldn't find it for you, sorry. It's called Phantom monitor fix, a small program you run before you start BS.
  7. My FPS average around 30 with all settings on high, water on medium and no civ traffic. Of course I'm still running in windowed mode. Don't know if this hack will allow full screen mode. I'll try it tonight when I get home from work. I'm also running the dual core affinity script.
  8. Yes it does work. I can now see the FPS counter in the upper left now. Although, the messages on the right are still split between screens and the comms menu still shows on the other screen also. But, thanks for this cypher1312. We seem to be getting closer and closer to a complete fix. Reps coming your way.
  9. You have the same resolutions as I do. I'll give this a test when I get home later. Have you seen any FPS increase with this setup over the phantom monitor?
  10. All the other posts on the same subject here and you just discovered this? And, how did you get it to work on XP? I don't think anyone else has been able to get it to work on XP. Do a search and you'll find countless threads on this.
  11. And I want to know if all the horns sound the same on the vehicles. Because the horn on a Hummer should sound differently then a Ural. :megalol:
  12. Not available until March 24 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001OAUBR2/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=2886638207&ref=pd_sl_51ln85qig8_e
  13. With this set up in Vista you have to run in windowed mode. Uncheck "Fullscreen" in options menu.
  14. Didn't you post this same thing at SimHQ. Smells like trolling to me. If I wanted to post on 2 sites I'm going to. If you don't like it, don't respond. Simple. Now move on.
  15. I was under the impression it was an upgrade only, not stand-alone. Oh well, as long as it works for you.
  16. Yes. But, I understand if you deactivate one of the installs you get an activation back. If you don't have Vista installed I don't think you can install Windows 7 Beta.
  17. Here you go, http://www.saitekusa.com/prod/x52.htm http://www.saitekusa.com/prod/x52pro.htm You decide.
  18. What's your budget? I've owned, TM Cougar, Saitek X52 and X52 Pro, presently have CH Fighterstick USB, Pro throttle USB, Pro Pedals. TM Cougar - You can use it out of the box, but, you really need to spend another $500.00 to make it really good. Great Foxy software. Still should add rudder pedals Saitek X52, X52 Pro. Works out of the box. Lots of people don't like Saitek software. I never had a problem with it. Least expensive. Has twist stick rudder which isn't too bad. CH Products - Great right out of the box. Excellent programming software. Stick and throttle cost about the same as the stock TM Cougar, add pedals for about $90.00 more
  19. Thanks, that makes sense. I know if I go into F10 map view the 2nd screen fills in with the map.
  20. What determines the size of the phantom monitor on the left in the 2 monitor set up. Is it the same as the 2nd monitor? I know in my set up the phantom is 1280x1024, same as my 2nd monitor. Does that hold true for others with different 2nd monitor resolutions? My main monitor is 1650x1080.
  21. I'm sure he was referring to the min sys requirements showing HDD space which the OP was inquiring about.
  22. Finally tested BS on dual boot Vista x64 and XP x32. More FPS with Vista then XP.
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