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  1. I also vote for this request to succeed.
  2. more than 13 months later, I still cannot play with a module that I bought almost when it came out! this is really not serious nor respectful.
  3. In the last beta released static objects and trains only become visible at very very short distances (<500m) and then disappear below this minimum distance. They are therefore impossible to see.
  4. hi in the last beta release is impossible to select 530D or magic on pca. no lights come on in pca
  5. Game crash after update or last Cf my ticket #83498
  6. config display Config for the bug
  7. very old display bug still not fixed bug_combined_armsI.miz
  8. one bug corrected Options - Input texts disappears in some multimonitor configurations - fixed. but hold bug is return in module combined arms viewfinder not centered on the image see copyscreen
  9. video corruption of the line display following the use of the dialer. Only the first five are correctly displayed. The sixth is truncated. and the column titles that give the names of the input devices are no longer visible. This BUG very annoying does not seem to be corrected, because still present in the last three update of version 2.5.3. See attached image. Display on three screens, horizontal, vertical, horizontal.
  10. the latest beta update of DSC 2.5.3 introduced a display bug in the button configuration panel. The display bug limits the correct refreshing of the display of commands to a small graphics area in the upper part of the list when using the vertical scrollbar to scroll through the controls. This is valid for all order categories. It has therefore become impossible to correctly configure the commands with this bug. So it's very embarrassing.
  11. Thank you for the encouragements
  12. hi Difficult to speak in number of rolls of PLA because I printed two cockpits in the end. Mine and a different version for a friend. For mine I would say 5 to 6 kg in the end without counting the failures or modifications. It is especially the printing time which is enormous> 1000 hours (quality 0.2 mm, filling 30%). But in the end we can do what we want or almost. Having multiple 3D printers is a plus (printing in parallel) for this type of realization (which is not my case). Difficile de parler en nombre de rouleaux de PLA car j'ai imprimé deux cockpits au final. Le miens et une ve
  13. a partial preview of the digital model of the cockpit
  14. hi I use a PLA 3D printer limited to a volume of 200x200x200 mm. So the actuce to have a larger and quite rigid structure, I incorporated tubes of aluminum of diameter 20 mm and bars of steel of 8 mm. All black parts are printed in PLA.
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