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  1. I haven't started "Update DCS World Open Beta" these many times in a day ever before. I don't know why but it's something special with this patch! Wilbuz - Livestock Liberation Front
  2. Fairly old thread I know but still wanted to add some thoughts, and info perhaps even though I don't have my books in front of me. The Fw190 has long been by favorite WW2 to fly, used to fly the A5, A8 and D9 almost exclusively in the early 2000's in the online game Aces High. Of course, that is more of a game than a sim so let's not compare it to DCS. However, by being my favorite plane I did a lot of research in to it and most of the common versions all the way up to the Ta152 (would be awesome to have that in DCS). The Fw 190A version that was first super
  3. Thanks guys for the replies! No fix yet despite removing the config files so we're gonna try some other modules to see if he has problems there as well. He's using an X-56 for his throttle so it could be something there though it doesn't explain the fuel hatch opening as there is nothing like that bound to either stick or throttle. The power supply is a good suggestion though he is already running a 1000w and the problems just started a couple of weeks ago with no changes made to any hardware. The setup he's running now has been unchanged from several months back. Hopefully we'
  4. Hey all! A friend of mines has some real problems when flying. Open beta, latest version but we are uncertain to when the problems really started. We are mainly flying the Viper, different types of missions, everything from custom made to downloaded. His plane randomly starts popping chaff and flare, or suddenly it opens the fuel door, or changes some other modes. His TMS UP also stopped working on the stick, left, right and down worked fine. Our first idea around all this was input issues. He's got a Virpil WarBRB since a couple of months back coupled with the Vir
  5. For what it's worth, the module is awesome but I mostly fly the Viper now, I know any development on the F18 now can be added to the Viper quicker and later so no issue there, both modules are superb. As far as ANY module goes, I'd rather see the easier and important things added and corrected first. I know easy and important are very different things some times though. But like I said, I'd rather see the "normal" development time things moved up and added and fixed as early as possible, unless it's a function that very few/no one will use or notice. It's often nicer to have the core t
  6. I was given this with: Gen:Variant.Ursu.776114 virus detected by BitDefender. It was in the F14 modules package and that module is now unflyable :-/ First time I ever see it though. I wonder why we're getting different alerts though.
  7. It might not be a bad idea actually :lol: Been there, done that, a brain dead game or something else brain dead often helps getting back and enjoying something else for what it is.
  8. I'm not sure what you are getting this from. Either you don't know how to optimize your PC or you are trying to run the game in some other kind of weird way. I built my PC in late 2014, Intel i5 4690k (not overclocking it), 16gb DDR3 memory and a Geforce 970. I'm recently upgraded to the 1080 thanks to a friend changing his to a 2080. I'm running the game at 1080p (I have a screen optimized for photo editing and those 4k screens with those panels are still crazy expensive). Other than 1080p, which is resolution enough, I am running almost everything at full settings except for
  9. Same issue here. I believe I managed to save the track file while offline and HOTAS fumbling with something completely different after flying the Hornet and KA50 (my muscle memory was at the right place at the time). Fired Two Aim 9's at the exact same time with one press. It only happens in the Viper so not a control issue. Will see if I can get the file uploaded.
  10. In tests by both Germans and Allied forces of the A models the conclusion was always that the controls were very good in most speeds. The roll rate in particular was praised at all speed and rarely stiffened up. Can't remember what different tests I read but I may have them at home in one of my books. Can't remember for sure but I believe I also read somewhere that some caution had to be taken at high speeds as the controls were still easy enough to otherwise cause damage to the air frame. Will see if I can dig something up at home. This changed somewhat with the D model and while it s
  11. QuiGon and DeHuman thanks again for very informative and good answers! No don't worry, I am not at all interested in politics on the forums, those things should always be left out and I understand there are, as always, a lot of gray areas rather then just pure black and white. I've just been very puzzled at the fact that we're getting modern, still in service, US machines with the modeling and detail that requires cooperation from real sources and "nothing" to compete from the eastern side. I would think that the US, for example, would be at least as comprehensive against releasing that
  12. Thanks guys for the answers, so a little bit as I suspected which is sad, wish we could get some more eastern block stuff. John, I've always been surprised with the Ka50 module as well since it is a chopper that is very much in service still and yet modeled to such a high degree. Not unlike the F18 now I guess though. QuiGon also one thought I had in mind as they operate out of Russia, still, it shouldn't be more of a problem than for a company that operates out of the US, unless of course the information of planes was obtained using wrong methods which I don't believe i
  13. Long time DCS pilot here (on and off depending on real life situations) but I rarely post on the forums, more of a lurker so far at least but perhaps it will change. One thing I need to ask though as I've thought of it many times is how come there are almost no Russian high quality modules for DCS? We have and are getting all these awesome modules for planes that are still even in use on the US side (F18 and F16 for example) but I still don't see anything about any Russian counterparts. The Mig 21 is of course being used around the world today but it is hopelessly outdated. D
  14. Edited message: You need to set up the zoom under F14B RIO controlls as well :-)
  15. Which should mean Cobra ment this recent patch this year? ;) Not that it matters that much, it's a great plane already and superbly modelled, they're still making sure we are getting updates and patches :) /Wilbuz
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