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  1. Hi all, wanted to announce a new mod I recently released. Using Devrim's English Gray Cockpit files as a foundation (and with his approval), I converted them into layered psd files. Each file has a "base colour" layer then shadows and highlighting are applied with different layers. This means it's relative easy to change the colour of your Su-33 cockpit! Just use your preferred psd friendly paint program to change the "base colour" layer of each provided file, convert it to a dds file with DXTBmp, drop it in the appropriate custom cockpit directory, select it within DCS and you're ready
  2. Hi all, fellow pilot Mike_Romeo informed me that there's a much easier installation for those already using a custom Su-33 cockpit (Devrim's English language Gray cockpit for example). It's a simple addition to the cockpit description.lua and moving whichever of my reflection files you want to use. I updated my readme to include the details and re-released the mod as v2. You can find it at: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313194/ Fly On :pilotfly:
  3. No worry, it's all good :smilewink:
  4. You're very welcome! Once I saw how out of control those reflections were I knew I had to do something :smilewink:
  5. Oh, when I did it the first time in 7zip DCS didn't recognize the mission...may have been because I didn't just delete Config and resave but extracted and tried to recreate the compressed file...
  6. I was using 7zip to extract and recompress and it didn't work. Opened in WinRar, deleted the Config dir and resaved and now the mission loads using my current snapviews. Thanks Rudel_chw :thumbup:
  7. Hi all, in chasing down a problem with new snap view settings not working in my old missions, I discovered the reason. The *.miz files include a Config/View/ directory and are saving both the SnapViews.lua and SnapViewsDefault.lua as they were defined when the mission was originally saved. Because of this, any time I refly the mission, my new snap views as defined in my local Saved Games/Config/View are ignored. Re-saving the mission makes no difference. Since some of my missions are quite involved and I don't want to recreate from scratch, I'm looking for the way to unzip the *.miz f
  8. Thanks Devrim, texture01 defines the center top and bottom fuselage front half up to the nose including the optical/electronic sensor housing. I believe setting that texture to true forces it to load the blue/white scheme defined in the default su33_tex01.dds (belonging to the 279th kiap 1st Squad Navy skin) rather than whatever su33_tex01.dds is actually being displayed :smilewink: Sorry to hear you've bailed on FC3! I still bounce between flying the Su33 and FA-18 :thumbup:
  9. Hi Devrim, been flying your English Su-33 cockpit for years and love it! I was flying my blue & yellow Su-33 exterior skin and noticed that your cockpit continued to display the pretty much default Su-33 blue/white colour on the spherical fairing which houses the optical-electronic sighting system. Even though the plane has painted that exterior housing yellow, the cockpit view still shows it as blue/white. Found out the reason is the line in your cockpit description.lua, "{"su33_tex01", 0, "su33_tex01", true};". I commented that out and now the fairing displays the exterior color of
  10. After several months away from flying the Su-33 I returned to find a strange condition where the cockpit instrument reflections seemed significantly stronger, and to me, very distracting making the instruments difficult to read. I found a thread where this condition was reported for several aircraft and ED responded they're considering making reflection an option. Meanwhile, I've created a mod for the Su-33 with 4 new cockpit instrument reflection intensities ranging from the current highly reflective to no reflections. You can find the mod at: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/file
  11. Hi all, just wanted to post a thread announcing my latest user file Su33 livery. This one is fictional and based on the work of early 20th century American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. The plane includes several Lovecraft related markings including a Cthulhu logo on the nose, wings, tail & pilot helmet, squadron name of "The Fighting Cephalopods", "ARKHAM NAVY" registration, and decals for Miskatonic Engineering, Necronomicon Propulsion, and of course Lovecraft Aerospace. You can check it out at: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312978/ It's closely related
  12. Fantastic, couldn't locate any other threads. Thanks btd I'll give it a go :smilewink:
  13. Hi all, I'd like to replace the Russian voice messages/warnings/etc I hear in the cockpit to English. I saw a couple old user file mods that do this (specifically Kozzs_-20dB_RUS_Betty_Common & DTWDcns_Basic_zrMake_my_god-damn_game_speak_Englishxc_MOD_-_Russian_Accents_+_Betty), but they seem to depend on a DCS file structure of DCS World/sounds/speech and it appears that is no longer the way sounds are stored so I don't think they'll work. It seems the new structure is DCS World/Sounds.edc/. Am I missing something obvious here or is there no way to change the sound files from Russi
  14. ​Hi all, I've reviewed the entire sticky "Tutorial: Introduction to Lua Scripting" thread and it seems promising, but before I head down that rabbit hole I thought it wise to determine if my goal is even possible... Simply put, is there a way to capture a keyboard entry, test what key was pressed and display a message on screen? For example, I'm flying the Su-33 which has a non clickable cockpit and therefore no clickabledata.lua file (which means the existing X:Cockpit Argument in Range() conditional unfortunately doesn't work...spent 2 days down that rabbit hole :smilewink:​ Is ther
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