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  1. Which map were you playing that had the problems 20 minutes into the mission?
  2. Unfortunately not. It's highly unpredictable and I could never conclusively tie it to any mod, type of mission, or action I was taking after a mission began. I've seen it on both the Caucasus and Mariana's maps which are where I spend nearly all of my time. It's like everything's fine and then bang...the ocean is gone. And of course replaying the track of the mission doesn't repeat the problem. Extremely frustrating as 95% of my missions are carrier based
  3. This leads to an interesting question...what RAF aircraft were actually able to chase down V-1's and take them out by wing tipping or guns?
  4. Agreed, nobody gets a free ride on the flight deck and why it's the most dangerous workplace on the planet. My brother-in-law served for many years throughout the 70's and early 80's and his cruises were always on a carrier. He was never on the flight deck though but a couple dozen stories below in the machine shops. He told me most cruises they'd lose one or two of the flight deck crew to accident or just losing their bearings and falling off the boat...
  5. That is amazing! And the LSO only gave you a "C"? After that landing they should have made you Fleet Admiral. When I get too cocky about my carrier ops skills I'm giving this "Head wind 97 kts. Boat 24 kts" setup a try
  6. Hi all, I'm a long time sim jet guy (Flanker 1.5 Su27/33 since the mid 90's then DCS Hornet) but also a bit of a European theater WWII history nut. I've always wanted to fly a Spitfire and take out incoming V1's! What DCS modules/terrain would I need to make a mission like this happen? Obviously the Spitfire Mk IX and then either the Channel or Normandy map (recommendations please). Do I also need the WWII Assets Pack? Right now DCS is having a cool bundle of the Spitfire & Channel Map, though I've heard the Channel Map is significantly smaller than the Normandy map. Not sure I care though...as long as the Channel Map has the white cliffs of Dover Also, I'm a single mode only player and make my own missions. Thanks!
  7. I'm experiencing the same thing...any way this could be added under DCS for d/load as a User File?
  8. That sounds great, as long as we start with a functional mobile ICLS for field carrier landing practice first
  9. This has been a major nit of mine for many years. Back in the Flanker 1.x DOS days the replay system was perfect. As the sim evolved in complexity it got more and more unpredictable. I recall it still being solid in LOMAC but starting to get flaky in Flaming Cliffs and beyond into DCS. I fly very simple single player missions I create in the mission editor and I have noticed one thing that affects the accuracy of the track. Let's say I'm practicing carrier ops...if I start the mission in air to practice Case I or III landings the track replay system works fine. I don't believe I've ever had one of those missions turn into fiction on replay. OTOH if I take off from the carrier, absolutely zero success playing back the track. Also taking off from a land base on landing on the carrier never works for me. As far as tracks not surviving DCS version updates...absolutely true for me. Because of losing so many cool tracks after DCS updates I decided to take a different approach. After a mission that I want to make a movie of, I go into track replay and give it a try hoping it works. If the replay is accurate I use the NVidia video capture function software to record the playback of the track then edit it in Shotcut video editor. Works great and I have an *.mp4 of my mission that never goes bad...of course it's all dependent on the DCS track editor succeeding in the first place! I really wish DCS would throw a resource at fixing this problem once and for all...making movies of my flights is one of the main reasons I love DCS so much!
  10. Now that we have the mobile Tacan Beacon TTS 3030, I'd love to see a mobile ICLS beacon as well. Someone in a recent thread mentioned there is an actual unit called an AN/TPN-22 that was used in Iraq circa 2005 that supports ICLS. Could we get that modeled and available in the mission editor? Thanks!
  11. That would be so cool to have as an object in the mission editor! I would drop it on every runway I wanted to enable Hornet ICLS. DCS did give us the mobile TACAN station, I wonder if they could also model a mobile ICLS station?
  12. That was the problem. I'm bombing the airfield at Marianas Tinian which is 280ft elevation and the original wypt was set at 5000...reset it at 280 and nailed it on the first try. That also explains why I was having such a hard time keeping my velocity vector above the dive line on approach Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I've been exploring the world of dumb bombs lately and have experienced something I'm definitely not understanding. I load up on Mk series bombs and with CCIP I'm deadly, but in AUTO mode I'm awful! I setup a simple mission to bomb an enemy plane sitting on the runway, I place a waypoint directly on the plane. I enter the mission and do what I've seen Wags and other Mk82 demo vids do: Stores... Select Mk82 Mode = AUTO MFUZ = nose UFC Qty = 8 INT = 100 WPDSG on A/G on At this point everything looks great. I get the target on the plane and all goes as expected on approach. Like I saw in the demo vids, I go ATC at around 450kn and level off at 5,000ft. Hold Release when the countdown gets to 5 seconds and bombs away. I just studied a replay and noticed the issue is the AUTO countdown hits 0 when I'm directly over the waypt so obviously the bombs are way past target. Am I doing something wrong that's making the targeting computer think that the designated waypoint is not the target but the release point? Thanks!
  14. Forgot about my UFO mods as they're not managed by JSGME. I'll pull those and make the other cache clears you recommend and report back if the problem returns. I also read in a similar thread people had success clearing the .../Saved Games/DCS/fxo & metashaders2 dirs so I'll clear those out as well. Thanks!
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