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  1. Haha, nice. Ty [emoji3060] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So was wondering if Missile Rick might make it to our favorite Simulator [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. +1 It was a long wait for me, but the TDC Axis problem seems to be fixed, at least on my end, and that's was the major issue, why I wouldn't use the Harrier... but now that it works properly, i can only say, that I really... REALLY enjoy the Module again. Thank you RAZBAM for this great Module!!
  4. Enjoying the Viper as well. And you guys do an amazing job with the multiple modules. Not every update can be expected to have tons of stuff cramped into it, though I personally enjoy every little improvements that’s made. And it makes for a nice surprise when something bigger hits the beta. Keep up the great work!!
  5. Hi, sorry if this was asked before, but are there any plans to include VR SLI into DCS? Was thinking about just slapping another GPU into my Rig to get better VR performance with VR Works. And a little off Topic, has anyone got any experience with its performance yet? Thanks, TG
  6. doesn't work for me either, seems to be a bug atm. you can press OBS7 i believe to select another missile, like the AIM-9. Not ideal in a dogfight, but its WIP still.
  7. +1 The Elevation on the Radar Curser are also very blurry for me.
  8. +1 Extremely annoying that you can’t slew the TPod or anything sensor related with the Axis without having these issues. The Harrier is no option for me right now because of this. Though I would really like to use it, since I already bought it. I mean it is really fun to fly, but buddy-, or selflasing or even adjusting the Mavs is just a pain in the *** Please fix this!
  9. Can confirm. Just buddy lased in a Harrier for a F-18. Worked just fine in CCIP. You just have to drop them in the general vacinity if the target.
  10. Is there any Info about the jittery slewing of the TPOD, DMT and anything else that requires the TDC axis input yet? The only time the TDC slew seems fine is when I slew around the Map for Waypoint entry. But I still have major issues when I try to slew any sensor to target something on the ground, especially when I want to make fine adjustments. Tried to fiddle around with the sensitivity of the Axis but I always get the same problem, where the Sensor doesn't want to slew sometimes. EDIT: NVM, found it in the Bug Tracker.
  11. I don't know if you can actually delete Waypoints, but you can always overwrite them. At least that's what I do when I entered the wrong one.
  12. Most likely you have the HUD uncaged. Make sure you're in the Nav Mode (AA and AG Mode deselected) and then press the cage/uncage Button. That should toggle between the caged and uncaged mode for the Velocity Vector. If the HUD is caged, you should see the Pitch ladder and the Velocity Vector centered in the middle of the HUD and a little "Ghost" Velocity Vector appearing, indicating the true flight path.
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