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  1. Or use two of these: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F221464798160 I have one of those behind my right MFD, and a kindle fire running spacedesk behind the other. The kindle works surprisingly well with the new version of spacedesk, but it is slated to be replaced when time and funds are available.
  2. I picked up a TUSBA R2 recently. Fantastic piece of hardware, no real complaints. Plug it in, calibrate via RealSimulator software, and you're good. Axis resolution is improved; I believe it's 10-bit vs the stock 8-bit of the Cougar controller. Regarding the detents, I actually moved my idle detent to match the AB detent. Gives the AB detent a more positive feel, and push-through idle detents are generally a bad idea. Also, look at http://cougar.flyfoxy.com/mods.php You'll want to do most of the mods listed, particularly the speed brake housing mod. I found the aluminum foil and speci
  3. As would I. Working or not, I’ll pay shipping to get a cougar to me in CA.
  4. I use my kindle fire as a monitor via the spacedesk app. You have to download or side load the apk file to the kindle, then use a third party file browser to install it. It does have some lag (100-200ms, depending on wireless signal and display complexity), but it works. Splashtop’s wiredxdisplay would be better, but I was unable to get it working with the kindle fire. Probably some hardware differences the app doesn’t like. I was not able to figure out how to get the frogfoot shkval display to extract properly. If you figure that out, please let me know.
  5. Updated to the newest version a couple days ago. Fighter Sweep wings are more effective once engaged, but no more intelligent in actually keeping enemy fighters off my flight. Just had a covering flight of Su-27's completely ignore a flight of F-16's so they could continue on their assigned route. F-16's flew right past them at about 15nm to launch AMRAAMs at me and my wing, all while the Su-27's blindly followed their route plan.
  6. Oh I agree completely. That's why I try to make sure there's a way point directly over the target(s), that I know what the targets are before I take off, and that I get a nice long run in on the target before reaching the edge of weapon range. (Labels usually aren't visible at that range anyway) I don't get the impression that the shkval has any kind of data link capability IRL. The Su-25T is a high speed strike craft, not really suited to the circling CAS role the A-10 fits. It Needs a ton of support and spotting to be effective. Where label are handy is in spotting AAA. The mission gen
  7. Difficult, but not entirely impossible. It's good to work without labels anyway, gets you used to visually spotting targets. And if you ever want to play multiplayer, you really need to be able to do that.
  8. This campaign appears to load all of the models relevant to each side, so you have friendly models all over the airbase. It slows down my framerate for the first few seconds after loading, although not nearly that much, and it stabilizes fairly quickly once everything is loaded into memory. First thing is to turn off labels (shift-F10, i believe). If that doesn't work, you might try tweaking your graphics settings. Increasing the preload radius might help, and turning HDR off is always a good way to pick up some FPS.
  9. They're hard to spot (particularly the first one), but a phantasmagoria pod helps. You can't actually use ARMs against EWR targets, but you can switch on the phantasmagoria, switch on the shkval, lock the EWR as a target, then switch off the phantasmagoria and the Shkval will stay locked on the EWR. This should allow you to kill it with a standard TV- or laser-guided missile, albiet from much closer range. Keep in mind that there is also a support vehicle for the EWR that should be destroyed.
  10. Is it possible to "sit in" on the European Mission this Sunday? I don't think I can dedicate enough time every week to signing on as a full member, but it would be nice to get in some real flight time with a group. I'm fairly comfortable with SEAD, deep strike, and CAS roles at this point.
  11. Interesting, I'll keep that in mind. That said, it would really be nice if the mission planner let me change routes for my escorts. A long, safe flight through the mountains is preferable to a shorter flight trying to attack an SA-8 and EWR from open ocean.
  12. Fought my way up to Mission 7 [destroy EWR4] now, without the update (can I update in the middle of campaign progress?). Have to say, this mission is way under-equipped. If one of my (now dead) wingmen hadn't previously taken out the Patriot radar sitting next to the target, it would be near impossible. As is, I'm not certain how I'm going to get past a flight of F-16's and an SA-8 installation at the air field with only two Su-27's for cover that aren't doing an effective job against the F-16's. Those AMRAAMs are brutal, and flying low (15m) with ECMs doesn't seem to matter much to the F
  13. I worked through the ERW2 strike and the DEAD SA3 strike missions, although the friendly AI units are faring very poorly. The Su-27s do OK defending against MiGs, but aren't fantastic at clearing them, and none of the AI units are doing well against SAMs. The Su-30s sometimes manage to kill one radar installation between them, but never seem to make it back to base. The DEAD SA3 strike mission killed all of my escorts and two of my wingmen:( Unfortunately my wingmen are almost useless as well. If I can get a shkval lock on a target, I can order them to attack with some semblance of reliabi
  14. I might be able to manage that time on occasion. Should be clear on the 13th. Don't know if I could guarantee attendance every week though. It's either 1100 or 1700 on Sunday for me, neither of which are terribly convenient times for a family guy. I'm still learning how to make proper strikes against targets. SEAD is fairly simple, but CAS is tough. I'm having a hell of a time finding tactical targets without pausing and checking range on the F10 map, and dropping dumb bombs accurately on anything smaller than a large building in the middle of a field is still beyond me
  15. I'm getting into DCS and learning the Su-25T from top to bottom, and this interests me. I'd love to be able to fly with a group and learn how to really utilize all of the plane's capabilities. That Sunday time slot (5pm Pacific time) is killer, though. I have a family, and that flight slot encompasses dinner time on a non-work day.
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