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  1. Yeah, I was a bit confused with the setup.
  2. That's exactly what meant. I manually updated the list in the editor which solved the problem. I was left thinking why the words weren't there in the first place but at least it's working now. Thanks a lot for your support Weegie!
  3. I've been looking at the VIACOM PRO for DCS profile at VA and there doesn't seem to be spoken commands for kneeboard at all. As a result it's not recognized by VA. I can find all other commands in the list but nothing regarding the kneeboard. Is there a way to add the kneeboard commands somehow or have I missed something when installing the software?
  4. Yes, I'm running it as Admin. Tried VSPX on and off but it made no difference. Extended Command Set Option is ticket as well. The problem is that I can't neither open the kneeboard or select the tabs by using the voice commands. The kneeboard opens normally when I press K and I can see it marked with yellow sticker. I'm not a native English speaker but VA recognizes my other radio calls very well in general so that's not likely the cause either. Could it be that something has been broken by mods or the Kneeboard builder? I mean it doesn't make sense to me that the other
  5. I've been using VAICOM Pro for a week now. Everything else seems to be working fine but for some reason the Interactive Kneeboard won't open and I can't interact with tabs etc. Is there something special I need to enable or do to get the kneeboard working?
  6. I like it too. Especially the mustache on the air boss.
  7. SACG_Miller Finland 1. 109 2. 190 3. Spitfire 4. P-51
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