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  1. Hi guys, Same here, I saw the video but it's not working. Thanks!
  2. Agree, that time I thought exactly the same.
  3. I fully agree! But several here do not understand, it was the same with the M2000, when it was released many guys said: "the FM is perfect, tested by IRL pilots", etc. Later Razbam totally changed the FM and the same ones that said it was perfect that time went on to say: "Now the FM is perfect".It´s the same with F-14. So congratulations Mr Buschwick on the courage to post what many would like to post.:thumbup:
  4. I vote for subtitles too. Please.
  5. Nice work man, try with S3 now.
  6. I'd really like to see from Razbam instead Belsimtek,as other said " The hornet should take a lot of effort and keep Belsimtek's coders busy for quite a while to come. " but you're right after that announced it will be from Belsimtek... So F-16 is the one! :)
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