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  1. Hey all, Sorry to be "that guy", but was just reminded of the A6 release video back in Sept 2018 and was wondering if there are any development updates available? Looked in pretty good shape back then so would think that it has come a long way since: ( ) Couldn't see any reference here to any recent posts & was hopeful someone had some info? Cheers
  2. The issue I have trouble with is seeing the refuelling pod as a reference point as opposed to the basket. I've tried various zoom positions but the cockpit bulkhead is in the way. Might get easier with VR (trying to get hold of a Rift S at the mo, but none available in UK).
  3. Well folks, I really appreciate those that have tried to help & provide comment. I did a full uninstall and a reinstall (took 12 hours to download...!), tried exactly the same things in exactly the same way, and it worked first time. Go figure. No idea what it was, but again, thanks for trying to help!
  4. Its the ED Air to Air refueling mission that came with the jet. I've tried with both simple comms and without, neither seem to work! I've also just tried on another mission with a S3 present, it didnt work there either.
  5. Radios set to the frequency in the briefing, tried COMM1 and COMM2...
  6. That may well be true, but your answer isnt particularly helpful or constructive.
  7. Hi, I'm struggling to get the tanker to respond when declaring intent to refuel. Have tried both manual and simple comms, using both radios set to the specified frequency in the briefing. I've tried on a few different missions including the standard Air to Air refueling mission that comes with the F18. Any ideas on where I'm going wrong or how to fix? Thanks
  8. Howdy aviators, One of the aspects I think is lacking for inexperienced pilots like me is training campaigns specific to the F18. I enjoyed the A10C qualification campaigns, I think they helped develop some critical skills in operating the aircraft basics through to advanced targeting etc. Does anyone know if anything like that is in the works for the F18? Thanks
  9. Interesting read. I'm pretty new to the community in terms of involvement, but understand some of the frustrations. From what I've seen ED are managing a business model that is based on accruing revenue from continually releasing new EA modules, then using the margin raised from the modules to "fix" or progress the early access that have been released previously. The problem with that model is that you will always have to accrue revenue to survive by releasing incomplete modules and so the circle continues, but that is the nature of the business- there are no other sources of income (as
  10. Thanks for reply! That helps. I'm using the stable version of 2.5. I had a look at that tool, but it doesnt convert the coordinates given to me in the one mission I tried it in: BR882782. I'll try a few more to see how I get along. Another issue I find is that the targeting pod doesnt seem to do well in cloud cover...
  11. Hi, I'm getting to grips with the F18 and going through the tutorials and guides. I'm struggling with a few things when it comes to Air to Ground attacks and working with the JTAC's and delviery of LGB's: 1. Identifying targets. This is a real challenge for me. I fly to a point on the map then waste time circling trying to find the target I'm looking for. 2. What to do when the JTAC doesnt lase a target? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Assuming no Litening pod, how can I better identify the location of the target specified when its not lased? Assume in this case tha
  12. Thanks, I ran it through Steam VR and it worked. I've been nothing but dissapointed with it, so am going to look to return it back. It flickers when it loads, doesnt have the accessories needed and the quality isnt as good as their marketing would have you believe!
  13. Hey guys, fairly new to all this & looking for some help setting up... I've bought the Pimax 5k VR headset following a stint with the Oculus Rift (wish I'd stuck with it TBH), and have added DCS.exe into the Pi tools program. When I launch from here (or direct from DCS.exe), the VR doesn't activate and I get the normal DCS login screen. The PiMax itself just shows a lunar landscape in the headset. Any advice & help on how to resolve? Thanks! ???? ????
  14. I'm having the same issues with the manual reversion causing the aircraft to oscillate around the roll axis. It would seem that the ailerons are not locked, but I cannot find a solution to it. Anyone had any success in this?
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