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  1. Yea, most of my WA mates are getting good speed, on the east of the country its absolutely shocking tho
  2. I tried, and was told that it's just a case of unfortunate server location (I'm in Aus) and there's nothing they can do. I can't update my game or anything rn bc the download speed is unusable
  3. Ever since torrents were disabled, and http became the default, my download speed has been 1/10 of it's normal speed. please please please bring torrents back.....
  4. So, torrents have been disabled, and now HTTP is the default download option. It's absolutely painfully slow, I had to reinstall my game and it took 2 days. Does anyone know when the torrents will be enabled again? I understand that there are technical difficulties involved, just asking if anyone has an idea as to the general time period in which they might be re-enabled. I wanna play on Persian gulf again :(
  5. yes, it's extremely frustrating, still haven't got it working.
  6. ah right, that makes sense. It's extremely slow rn, I'm doing a full reinstall and just wanna fly some planes!!! at the current dl speed it'll take like 3 days though haha
  7. I can't seem to get it to switch to HTTP, it just straight up exits when i cancel the download
  8. hi all, i have experienced some rather infuriating issues with thrustmaster's target software. I have a Tm warthog + throttle and the t-rudder pedals, after running target for the first time and running a profile, it didn't work, it merely unmapped my controllers, and then when i closed target down; my controllers didn't return. and now they do not work if plugged into certain usb ports on my PC in that the computer simply doesn't recognise them being plugged in. I have uninstalled target and all the drivers, yet this issue persists. my warthog, throttle and t- rudder; after running target, si
  9. Alright, so after downloading the latest build of dcs 2.1 i went for a flight only to find dcs doesnt recognise the pinky button or left on the pov hat on my TM Warthog, and they work fine on every other program including when i check it on game controller settings. DCS just doesnt recognise these two buttons anymore, it worked fine until the latest update. help plz
  10. Thanks for the help guys, for now, i've opted not to use target following your advice and instead am doing it the old fashioned manual setup way
  11. Alright, so i've got it set up but there is a slight problem, it doesn't read some of the buttons on my throttle, how do i get it to recognise all the buttons?
  12. I just downloaded target, oh god how do i use this thing lol
  13. Hi all, i recently acquired a thrusmaster warthog HOTAS system and a thrustmaster t-rudder set of rudder pedals, I know there is a way to get games to recognise them as the same device rather than separate devices, but I cannot figure it out. If anyone could give me a hand it would be amazing, Thanks in advance
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