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  1. VEAO disclosed F 35 A/C for summer 2019 (B version to come later) Pre-order already open.
  2. Sorry to say that but it doesn't work for me, neither in MP nor in local. The -- removal doesn't work either....
  3. Since I cannot double my RAM, from now on I will avoid DCS MP. Bye Bye DCS.
  4. Pb is : most servers are on 2.5, now so that I have no server available in 1.5.8... List is empty. Thank you ED ! As for me, I won't upload any hot fix anymore, until one is sure the MP problem is really addressed by ED. I already have gallons of useless ED GBytes on my SSD, I won't pile up 13 or 20 or 25 more. Actually, I won't play DCS until actual fix, because it still simply doesn't run on my PC. My opinion about this programing disaster is ED team has decided to implement its own graphic engine, and it simply DOES'T WORK. The situation is not under control at all, and it won
  5. Thanks for that dissertation on modern-life duties. Now one point : The problem here is not my computer, nor the other guy computer nor the fact that Anti-viruses are constantly altering OS whatsoever. Pb is : DCS 2.5.0 MP doesn't work. Period. Many people on this forum and others seem to enjoy putting things upsidedown. Once again : DCS 2.5.0 MP doesn't work. So you have to understand how bothering to read constantly : Did you check this, Did you erase that, what is your configuration and finally : wipe DCS out and reinstall. We did all that and more and yet DCS 2.5
  6. pb is : if one sums up the time wasted in reading forums to find solutions, restarting computers and so on, I would say that the real time spent in DCS is something like 20% of the whole time wasted in secondary tasks. To me at this point, this is the main isuue with DCS and it's much more important than the number of trees I can see on the Caucasus map.
  7. What a joke... So if I sum up the whole thing, this guy has a very good computer, GC, SSD and so on, yet the game still doesn't work after 3 weeks ++, and the only solution is : wipe the program and reinstall... What about another solution : Wipe ED and reinstall... I know what I'm saying is not very constructive, but it's been 3 weeks now, and as this guy said : it's becoming a BIT boring now. Just a BIT boring. Fortunately I still had 1.5.8 on another disk so I can play with the last release, because the 90GB++ of the DCS folders (2.5.0 and 2.2.0) are just a useless tumor on my
  8. ting with TacView, and guess where they are from... As always. Think of it when you see people coming behind you coming from nowhere and shooting you right away. This game is definitely NOT an air COMBAT simulator. At most an air simulator (although 1.5 is very bad; last episode being new Su-33 shooting to the stars after take off... I really imagine real life pilots trimming like hell whenever they leave the floor... ridiculous)
  9. The only real scandal I can see here is the fact that this combat takes place at tree level, which is absolutely ridiculous both for K4 and P51-D acting like biplanes from WWI. As too many times with this game. This is supposedly an air combat simulation, it is not in the facts. Second point is people chea
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