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  1. hmm seems ok now I guess it has just been taking its own merry time sort its self out!! LOL
  2. Ok so KA50 crashes every time I will try deleting to files for it and reinstalling them,
  3. so I did some more testing and the I just flew the FA-18 For a good length of time in the same mission that crashed last time.. that mission was justa clean syria mission nothing in it but 1 KA-50. with some waypoints. so I added a FA18 and tested and no issues.. So restarted DCS to make sure for a fresh boot. jumped in the KA50 and did not even get to start it before it fell over big time. going to test something else.. hmm must be something with the KA-50 as I removed the waypoints cause I read they only access like 6 so dropped from 9 to 2 and crashed the
  4. Um like I said its a fully fresh install of both windows and DCS.. there is not files that are in the save games folder that DCS did not put there.. but I'll go through this to see if it is an issue.. I'm starting to wish I had not done this.. thought I would start off new the year with a clean install of everything I use and forget the rest .. Oh its OB current version... thanks for you reply... yep been down there already thanks for your reply
  5. I have just done a fresh install of windows drivers and DCS from scratch.. yesturday. now my game keeps crashing after a short time... I have included the crash report. there are no mods installed not even tacveiw. main reason for re-install of all my software is installation of new video card 3090. dcs.log-20210116-020854.zip
  6. I know your pain.. I'm trying to return the current location of a client control unit.. EG ka-50 but so far I'm failing miserably,
  7. Ok so I'm try to do this is LUA. I have tried a few things .. and All have failed . I'm trying to get the location of a client unit. I have tried MyUnit is supposed to be the client unit I'm in.. but I keep getting an error trying to (a nil Value) so maybe I'm a dumb person but I just don't get that How to return the X,Y location of a player unit. I'm probably doing it all wrong.. I'm trying to learn to do this lua .. I've tried the Hogit wiki found a couple of things that looked promising but I get a similar error MyLocY = MyUni
  8. Love their version of a moving map LOL.. but pretty low tech answer to a high problem... Love it..
  9. Looks great Plus 1 for all th3e wishes although I dont use VR yet, I'll be going there again once I get my hands on a Reverb G2. I think iots come of age the Oculus 1 I had was not there enough for me.. 4K v's Screendoor 4K wins everytime.
  10. Also been having trouble getting it off the ground even with only 1 item in the cargo hold... does the rocket assist work?? they don't seem to for me..
  11. Anyone been able to get the cargo to be usable .. when I drop parachute cargo it hits the ground and goes right on through it... I have the Cargo lua file loaded along with Recent version of Mist.. As I have added to a current mission I have got CTLD and CSAR lua scripts .. I tried the included miz file but as the version has moved on that does not works its looking for an earlier version of the Herc...
  12. If you are having trouble finding the Hercules in your list of planes.,. check the status of your historical filter it needs to be off or it will not apear in the list along with lots of other stuff..
  13. OK yes . I did see that post but! I'm not a VR user. I play in 4k so with this in mind .. I thought I good reason to post and non VR Thread. As I'm sure there are a number of people that don't run VR.. Like me, its not ready yet.. I even have an Oculus Rift cv1 sitting in the corner and don't use it.. once the novelty fact was done I was like NMAAA, and went back to 4k flat panel..
  14. Has anyone in the DCS commuity been able to get their hands on a 30 Serries Card??? IF so whats the verdict??
  15. look like I might have found my issue ... it was the missionscripting file .. I didn't desanities it correctly only one "-" in stead of 2 "--"
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