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  1. Schonmal metashaders und fxo gelöscht? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. Awesome! Thank you for the quick help! It's weird with the weak wind logic. But from now on I know what I have to do. Thanks again! Take care!
  3. Hey, as mentioned in the title - i tried to get an ILS-Signal of RWY 14 @ Tonopah Test Range (KTNX). I tested it with C101, A-10C and F-16. With no A/C I got an ILS, wether LOC nor G/S. On the other hand, I tested all A/Cs at Groom Lake and Nellis and there I got an ILS-Signal. Is it a bug? PS: I used the original beacon.lua of Nevada.
  4. Flyingsix

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    Jupp. Auch der Modulbildschirm und die Serveraktualisierung mucken rum. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. CombatFlite ist klasse. Mit den implementierten Funktionen kann man richtig viel machen. Ich nutze es selbst für den Missionsbau und für das Planning damit die Kollegen Kneeboards bekommen. Zur Zeit habe ich allerdings Probleme mit den errechneten HDGs. Bei stärkeren Winden in der Luft passen die leider nicht. Wenn man jetzt nicht gerade rein nach HSI, Kompass und Timing navigiert, ist es kein Faktor weil man Point to point fliegen kann und die falschen headings nicht auffallen. Für raw Data Navigation ist es so aber nicht nutzbar. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  6. Wrong Headings with influencing winds Hey Guys! First of all - Viper39 thanks for this superior tool. I love it! I have problems with the calculated headings influenced of wind. Just a simple example with the NTTR Map and preloaded Sectional Chart: When I'm planning a leg at 6600ft MSL, TAS 300kts and True Course (TC) of 270° (perpendicular of any Meridian) I'll get a TRK, or Mag Course (MC) of 258°. With zero Wind the MC equals the MagHDG (MH). So far so good. Now, when I'm adding wind aloft at 6600ft MSL of 090°/20kts I'm getting a MH of 260° and a GS of 318kts. So the prog
  7. Thx for response. I've done some testing and I can say, that the Mavs are now working for me. My mistake was: I tried to lock Buildings or trees (static map structures). But the RB-75s seems to work only with units.
  8. Hey Guys, I have trouble to get the Mav's shooted. Following Procedure: 1) Radar Mode ANF 2) Weapons Selector RB-75 - now I get the Crosshair 3) Pressing T1 Knob to activate Slew Control 4) slew over any target 5) Pressing TV Fix - no reaction. The Crosshair is not locked over the target. Any known bugs, or am I wrong with my procedure? Is it necessary to have a "M" Waypoint? Greetz
  9. Alright! Thanks for your answer. Well, when I re-install the campaign, that means, i have to do all previous missions again? Yeah, at my 3rd run I tried this, but unfortunately FE aborted the PO because I diverted from the last given heading of 040 (Crosswind). After three calls that I have to keep this heading he aborted. :-D
  10. After 4 trys I gave up mission #3 - Traffic Patterns. It seems that I'm missing positioned triggers. After WP2 I flown HDG 260 at Angles 8 (which should be WP3) and there is no response, after passing WP3. After my self-induced turn inbound airfield (approx. 10 NM west of WP3, after looong waiting of response) there coming a text message (no voice-over) to ask Batumi for vectors. Ok, after getting an rough vector to Batumi i centered the plane towards the runway at Angels 8. Over the threshold FE is calling "RWY is blocked" stay at pattern ALT between 200 - 250 knots at the upwind. At the oth
  11. Roger! Thank you for the fast response, sir. :pilotfly:
  12. Hey Guys, thx for the huge Manual. I would appreciate a PDF-Version for mobile purposes. I also have problems with the shown TIT explained as EGT. Does the note mean, that the F110 EIG Version will show an EGT-Indication? If yes, the TIT isn't explained yet for the present illustration!
  13. Hey dudes. I'm also flying real FBW-Aircraft and worked for many years on avionics. I totally agree with Ranchgrom. Thank you for your analysis. The throttle curve may be a matter of adequate thrust correction in relation of throttle-movement. In my opinion, and if I understood Ranchgrom right he meant the same, the characteristic of the a/c performance in relation of power-setting isn't ok. Commercial pilots are very focused on pitch+power concept. Here we need the constant AOA concept what normally should be more easier than P+P. Nevertheless the aircraft shows a very indifferent beh
  14. Hey Folks, is it possible to select previous set initial points as waypoints in the aircraft? Background: I'm trying to build realistic IFR Training Missions. Therefore I need some "free", not predefined waypoints which the pilot can choose. Normally you can put some waypoints on a group, but the pilot should choose his waypoints in accordance with ATC or published departure/approach charts. Otherwise the pilot is nailed to stay with conventional nav-aids like TACAN, NDB, etc.. If I remember correctly the A-10C is able to select inital points as waypoints. Is there a way to
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