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  1. Thanks draconus - the hint I was waiting for!
  2. I have the same problem. I bought FC3 ages ago and downloaded both planes recently because I thought it's a kind of an update. Now I'm getting the same annoying message. Does deleting both modules affect the entire FC3 package? Can I reinstall them later as part of the FC3 package?
  3. Habe exakt Dein Problem und deswegen VAICOM aufgegeben. Bin mal gespannt ob das auf Deutsch besser funktioniert. Herzlichen Dank schon mal für diese Arbeit! :thumbup:
  4. Was reported here as well: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=242705
  5. With WCS on standby the radar itself is on standby but can show contacts that are transmitted via data-link. You can see on the TID that the contact symbol is marked as friend and the symbol for it (semicircle) is downward oriented - this shows you that it is a data-link contact. In case you got it on the DDD and you are in a tracking mode TWS "man" or "auto" the symbol on the TID shows upward. There is a knob to hide the data-link contacts in order to have a better view on your real radar contacts on the TID. Pressing this knob in your case would have shown that you don't have any own r
  6. I could adjust it precisely now it works fine for me. More FFB shake on the pilots seat which is logical because of the airfoils impulse through the stick and less on the back seat. You did a great Job on that guys!
  7. I have the G940 too and noticed the same. try to reduce FFB intensity in the axis settings - worked for me. It will also shake in the backseat which is unrealistic I guess.
  8. The header says it all. When I switch to Jesters seat after takeoff and plane stabilising, Iceman should take-over control and level out the plane but he doesn't. He also does not react to commands like level or heading change so the plane tends to turn to one side slightly and goes down. The only commands Iceman accepts are speed changes. I could imagine that this is related to the FFB joystick that I have in use (Logitech G940) because by nature it has no spring and not really a center position. EDIT: Wrong title. Iceman does NOT take-over control Sorry
  9. I would like it if it would work in that way. In my case switching to Jesters workplace lets the plane fly with my last joystick position which would lead to a plane crash. Iceman will not stabilize the plane and reacts to none of my commands. I don't know why but it may be related to the fact that I am using a FFB stick which has no spring and not really a center position. I will do a test with deactivated FFB but I assume it's a bug - not a feature. :joystick: UPDATE: Test with deactivated FFB performed without success, as expected. Iceman refuses to work in my cockpit. Cou
  10. I am often faced with that problem, let's say about 30% of all mission starts. It appears on Caucasus as well as on Normandie. At first i thought ebb and flow was integrated :music_whistling: EDIT: Water settings doesn't matter, visible even on high.
  11. Ist nicht bös gemeint, aber vielleicht nochmal die Wiederholung eines kleinen Hinweises an die Interessenten. Ihr SUCHT eine Staffel - Ihr werdet nicht gesucht. Zum Suchen gehört vielleicht auch etwas Eigeninitiative in Form von "Ich schau mich mal bei den Staffeln um" dazu. Es liegt in der Natur der Sache, dass Staffeln gerne ihr Engagement, welches sie in die Ausbildung neuer Piloten stecken, in Form von relativ konstanten Anwesenheiten und gezeigten Leistungen und Teamgeist zurückgezahlt bekommen wollen. Nicht nur Ihr wollt ein sinnerfülltes Hobby mit Spaß betreiben - die bestehenden St
  12. Ganz herzlichen Dank für das positive Feedback! :notworthy: Das ermutigt zum Weitermachen. Werde die nächste Folge bald angehen, wird aber naturgemäß etwas dauern. stay tuned ...
  13. Weil die Motoren darin die Kraft über einen längeren Hebel leiten müssen. IMHO Gesendet mit Tapatalk
  14. Da der G940 ein FFB Joystick ist, empfehle ich die Verlängerung nicht zu lang und zu schwer auszuführen. Die fragile Mechanik im Gehäuse, die die Kräfte über diesen Hebel führen muss, wird es Dir danken.
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