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  1. The AD 2.19 is in the textual, not the charts, e.g. for Kish: OIBK.pdf My points stand. There is no TACAN at either Kish, Lar or Qeshm, at least so far I have seen no evidence of that.
  2. I'm showing the JSK NDB exactly where it's supposed to be. What you are pointing out on the map there is the Kish VOR/DME which is on channel 121X (117.4) in game as it should be. The Kish TACAN is on channel 112X irl and in game (see OIBK AD 2.19 in the AIP Iran). What you are pointing out there on the map is the Lar DVOR/DME which is on channel 126X (117.9) in game as it should be. Lar does not have a TACAN (per OISL AD 2.19 in the AIP Iran). What you are pointing out there is the Queshm NDB/DME, an NDB co-located with a DME. Ingame we have an ND
  3. DCS-Presence 1.0.0 is out! Get it here! Main changes: + Added Support for VNAO T-45C + Added Support for CAM Cessna P210N + Added experimental option to display name of current server (opt-in via Special Options)
  4. Again apologies for the slow reply, I only just realized that the new forum had disabled my email notifications. You can either get your current aircraft via the "Name" variable in the table returned by Export.LoGetSelfData() (note this needs OwnShipExportAllowed to be on if you're in MP). Otherwise in MP you can call id = net.get_my_player_id() to get your own player id, then use side, slot = net.get_slot(id) to get your own slot id. Then you can use DCS.getUnitType(slot) to get the unit type of the slot (aka the Module). So I would recommend using the Export route for SP and the net. route f
  5. Sorry for the late reply, all the data is obtained via the various functions of either the Network API or the Export API. What specific data are you looking for?
  6. DCS-Presence 0.2.2 is out! Get it here! Main changes: + Added Support for P-47D-30 (Early) and P-47D-40 * Fixed plugin not loading after update
  7. As mentioned in the title, tuning into various VOR/DME ground stations does only provide me with bearing, but no distance information. So far I have not found a single one that properly works. All TACANs and VORTACs that I have tried work as intended (the former give only DME as they should, the latter give both as they should). VOR/DMEs that I have tried include on Syria: Adana VOR/DME (ADA, 112.7) Hatay VOR/DME (HTY, 112.05) Kalde VOR/DME (KAD, 112.6) Rosh Pina VOR/DME (ROP, 115.3) On Persian Gulf: Ras Al Khaimah VOR/DME (OMRK, 113.6) Sir
  8. DCS-Presence 0.2.1 is out! Get it here! Main changes: + Added Support for F-14A + Added Support for Anubis' C-130 * Fixed crash when joining multicrew slots
  9. Hey man, sorry for the late response, but it does indeed look like there is an issue with the RIO slots. I will try to identify the source of the problem and hopefully find a fix.
  10. one last thing i can think of, discord needs to be running *before* you start dcs. other than that I'm sort of out of ideas to be perfectly honest. the log indicates that the plugin loaded correctly and I'm really not sure what prevents it from working :/
  11. Do you happen to be running either DCS or Discord as Administrator?
  12. Is DCS-Presence showing up in your DCS main menu? Also, please attach your dcs.log
  13. That doesn't make any sense, the wind is static, coming out of the same direction for the entire session. Nothing is getting turned around. If the AI ATC is not capable of picking the appropriate runway, tying ILS operation to it is absolutely unacceptable.
  14. We don't use AI ATC for it is completely unhelpful. Also, even if that is the case, the AI ATC shouldn't assign a runway with a 10kt tailwind now, should it?
  15. I have been doing some testing and it would appear than contrary to expected behavior, one cannot obtain distance information from a VOR/DME when flying a TACAN equipped aircraft. To my understanding, when tuning the TACAN receiver into a VOR/DME's (or simple DME's) corresponding channel, one should be able to obtain a distance reading since the DME component of a VOR/DME is the same as that of TACAN (which is why an aircraft equipped with civilian DME should be able to get distance info from a TACAN). Example: Say we take the Hatay "HTY" VOR/DME, frequency 112.05. The corresponding TACAN
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