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  1. I had this same issue. I found my issue to be some kind of borked update, as my version seemed to be stuck on 1.2.10.xxxxx and could not update to 1.2.11.xxxxx. I tried to uninstall the MiG-21 module, but then when reinstalling, it said I needed a newer version (1.2.11.xxxxx) of DCS World. I tried running the manual repairs and updates from the cmd line and to no avail, I reverted to uninstalling the whole thing and starting over, and thankfully this fixed it for me. Hope it helps you guys out.
  2. Check out this Soviet-designed doomsday device that enables one single individual to launch a massive nuclear counter-attack without authorization codes. I have a feeling topol-m will eat this up like candy :) http://www.wired.com/politics/security/magazine/17-10/mf_deadhand?currentPage=all#
  3. The US government compensates 400,000 USD for deceased service members. If you figure in lost tax revenue, and lifetime VA benefits for next of kin it *probably* goes over 1 million .
  4. It would be a lot cheaper to just fly in a CAS aircraft with fuel airbombs and kill everyone in the whole compound right? If the US doesn't get criticized for killing civilians, it gets critcism for using expensive weapons trying to protect them. These pilots are not stupid. They know how much a hellfire costs, and I'm pretty sure they are trained on ROE and cost of letting even one insurgent escape and the potential for him killing a coalition soldier, which would highly outwiegh the cost of a single hellfire missile by at least 20 times. NATO pilots who provide CAS probably have one of the hardest jobs in the world, especially helo ones. Not only do they have to deal with flying their aircraft, they have to make split-second decisions which could affect world opinions and their career. Other nations who have conducted combat ops in past few years have shown little or no regard for civilian casualties, while NATO pilots have to fly with the mindset of a lawyer and a combat pilot. I can almost guanrantee you that the pilots who killed those civilians near the trucks are probably FAC's or running a simulator for student pilots when in other countries they would be awarded medals.
  5. Forget cutting through a tank - how about oven-roasting it? The biggest problem with these lasers are the chemicals required to get the juice up to 1MW. I knew guy a guy who worked on the 747 ABL and he said that the chemicals were so deadly you had to wear containment suits just to carry them around. I am no chemist but that sounds like it would create a new MOS in the USAF just to deal with handling this stuff. The solid state lasers use crystals and less room, but they are still in the very low KW range.
  6. Anyone else find it amusing that they mounted the laser on an aircraft designed during the 50s? :) I think mechs are inevitable. Although, they will probably be used for agrarian, mining and construction work rather than combat... but who knows
  7. I saw the talk of the ABL mentions in the pictures thread, thought I'd throw this bone out for everyone to chew. If the 1MW laser can do 20km against a ground target, I wonder what the one DARPA wants to make (10MW) might do..... If this tech becomes mainstream, the fundementals of a2a and a2g combat will change drastically. http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/44894
  8. I had the same dilemma around xmas time. The biggest issue for me then was DDR3 prices. I had 4 gb DDR2 with a Q6660 @3.2ghz 8800gtx I believe there were a couple i7 boards that supported DDR2 at the time, but if I was going to get an i7 I wanted to get the triple channel benefit (3 ram slots occupied increases speed somewhat for i7s). Plus, I was not too impressed with i7 benchmarks over higher quad core cpus in games. I ended up getting the Q9550 and overclocked it to 4Ghz(some can go to 4.2Ghz, my board was the limiting factor). I immediately saw a 20% increase in frame rates. I wanted to see if I could get more fps, and i bought a 295gtx and my fps actually went down some :(
  9. It will probably work well if and when a Steam version is implemented. The copy protection is the main pitfall for Wine. I am sure the game would run as good or better than under windows once it is up and running. Wine pretty much has all the direct8 apis under control, and afaik DCS still uses those.
  10. Has anyone got Black Shark working under Linux via Wine or Cedega? I heard a rumor that some Russian guy got it working (would be nice if he was here :D) It installs fine for me and as of 1.18 of wine the GUI works perfect except for the fact that none of the key inputs show up under options. And of course starting a mission gets an error, probably related to the authorisation . I can tell a myriad of registry inputs are needed, but I have no clue where to start. Vista is still on my machine, but I would love to give it the boot it deserves.
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