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  1. Your screenshots should be saved to the Screenshots folder in your Saved Games folder. For me that is C:\users\(user)\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Screenshots. Unless you're using Steam, in which case it's saved somewhere else, not sure where though.
  2. They could do what you propose and add new features, but that implementation will probably create bugs regardless. Those bugs will need to be fixed. Do they then fix those bugs before moving to 2.7 even though moving to 2.7 may create bugs as well? I'd say you'd end up with 2 rounds of bug creation as opposed to the one, which would just be a waste of the team's time and resources. My point is - the new features you talk of will probably create some bugs anyway as well as the bugs 2.7 will create, so why not just do it all at once and get it over with? You've got to break the egg s
  3. What SAMs are we talking about? There's nothing that says you absolutely must use HARMs... for example, if I'm attacking SA-11s I find it easier to use a guided stand-off weapon like the AGM-154C. The reason being - HARMs are not guaranteed a kill on them for whatever reason, it often just takes half their health away...; the Buk doesn't emit its radar until you're within its kill zone and often turns it off afterwards; and when one Buk is hit the others stay suppressed for about 10 minutes. Better to just acquire them 40 miles out with the pod and launch stand-offs. Much easier. T
  4. First of all, welcome! Also, good choice with PCSpecialist, they are a fantastic company. The one change I'd make is more RAM. Definitely. 16GB will struggle on decent graphics settings, frankly, and that's without VR. 32GB at a minimum but I'd recommend 64GB if you want to future proof it a bit. Maybe even upgrade the GPU to 16GB if you can afford it. Aside from that it's a pretty good setup (better than what I can currently afford!) but I'm sure the more technically-minded will offer further improvements if they can.
  5. I would agree that simply pushing a button, dumping some flares and assuming it'll work isn't enough. Maneuvering is necessary and more helpful if you can put the flares between your engines and the missile.
  6. If you're set on Air-to-Air then I would recommend the M-2000C personally. It's technically still an 80s aircraft, fairly advanced and a good dogfighter but hasn't got missiles on the same level as an Aim-120. Additionally, the Mirage has probably the best training missions and training campaign to get you into it. The MiG-21 is a great module, but the radar might be a shock coming from the Su-27s etc of FC3.
  7. Sadly it is just the DCS AI, and for the moment we've got to put up with it. On the bright side, we have to assume that ED will sort out a lot of these AI issues within the next year or two. There is no way they can release their own Dynamic Campaign without a major AI overhaul. It would be a complete, unmitigated disaster if they did. For me, AI is the one thing holding DCS back from being a brilliant simulator, especially for the single-player crowd out there.
  8. I'm not sure I would bother, Magnificent Sir. This issue has been around forever and you can bet that ED is aware of it. Baltic Dragon has certainly acknowledged it more than a few times, and I imagine it annoys him as much as us. The only change that has occurred thus far was stopping the 'twinkling' in the NVGs, but even though it's more realistic it really doesn't help the mission. The issue, I think, is that boats/ships aren't contrasted properly against water with NVGs in the way land objects are against the ground. Even the Grisha in that mission is extremely hard to see.
  9. Do they crash? For me, they usually just fall a bit and then recover. I'm still not sure it's a 'bug' per se, as just another weird way DCS can work sometimes.
  10. Seems normal to me? These are just the SAR SH-60s that fly alongside the ships when missions are in progress. They'll always start in the air beside the ships. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think so...
  11. All I want to see is improved pathfinding/logic for the AI when taxiing. Case in point below... a typical issue when playing Liberation. My wingman won't taxi because he's blocked by the Tomcats who won't taxi because of the Hornets on Elevator 4, and the Hornets won't taxi because of the Tomcats. It's absurd, and in the end they all just sit there while I go off and do the mission. As has been said, it would be nice to have some updates on whether things like this are being fixed or not.
  12. Yeah... I have a Liberation campaign going with a full Syria map in 2010, and my Patriots waste their entire missile stock in the first 5 minutes stupidly and disastrously trying to shoot down the masses of Scuds being launched. Although considering how completely useless the Patriot in DCS is, it doesn't really matter that much. I also wish they wouldn't engage the literal moment an enemy crosses into their engagement area. I hope the updated AI logic is going to include the SAMs. They need to be able to figure out what the chances are of their missile actually reaching the target
  13. SR-71 - Even though it would be utterly pointless within the context of DCS, unless we suddenly need reconnaissance missions for the dynamic campaign... Who cares about that, though? I just want to look at it.
  14. Yeah, it's basically the only way to destroy an S-300 site when playing Liberation. Swamp it with 30+ HARMs until it runs out.
  15. Yeah, it took me a while to figure it out. They implemented it some point in the autumn I think. I wish they put critical changes like that in the changelogs for patches rather than bury them in a sticky on the forum. Or even better... in the manual. Fairly sure that should be your issue!
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