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  1. Hi, do the actual .lua mod for Syrian is also improving the quality of the textures (i d'ont speak about the repetition stripes, but about the textures sharpness and quality) as for PG ? The .lua are not the same name and not the same folders. Not clear in fact for me :D Sorry :s Because, the "terrainoptions41.lua" is touching all the maps (it's an unique file for all terrains)...no ? EDIT ANSWER : Ok, yes, the original "terrainoptions41.lua" from this link : https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3513717&postcount=3 Is perfectly working with Syrian as for others maps :) I just need
  2. EDIT : i found the answer here : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=284204 Thanks Mustang ! :)
  3. Thanks guys :) Britchot, what you mean by the IC issue ? If you mean that the plane don't load the texture (all black), yes and no, the only way founded to fix it is to set up the textures to the max setting. ++
  4. Ha ok, i puted this on the joystick TDC buttons. I will maybe put it in the minijoy axes as you Tiger. Waiting the feature to come. Thank for you help guys ! :)
  5. Hello, I meet a trouble with the JF and the DLPod with the AKG cruise missile in MAN (man in the loop). My slew control of the aiming cross don't re-center automatically after correction and mooving the alidade (cross/aiming). I need to moove it all the time and center it by myself. My special option (in menus) "KYBD Pitch Control" is set to "Auto Re-Center" (i tried also "accumulative" and "blender" with no results...). The "DL Pod Slew Rate" option change nothing else but the speed of aiming. It's like my auto-re-center option don't work (maybe the wrong keybind ? I use the "forma
  6. Hi, Thank for your kind words Conroy :) The "wrong" thing with the UEA livery is that : it's not a 2000C but a -9 (a special version, much more close to the -5F than the C, even if also different from the -5F). I wanted to do first the actual existing export versions of the "C" as the Egyptian EM and Greek EG. But, but... "because" of Persian Gulf i maybe need to do the UEA, yes :D The 1/2 Cigognes are not using the C version no more (only the "2/5 Ile-de-France" are still using the C version IRL, all other squadrons goes on -5F), but can be good to do, yep. I may do the 1/30 Alsace
  7. Mav783

    F-5E re-WORK

    Very good job ! :) You also dirted the diffuse map no ?
  8. Yes it's pretty cool !
  9. Hi ! Sory for my latency, i was not home. Not for now, but maybe later (i don't guaranty but i will try. E think about the UEA skin first, and also other French skin from others squadrons);)
  10. Mmmm also...Theire is a way to mount the DDM ? :)
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