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  1. Sometimes, its very easy to lock a vehicle and sometimes its impossible. It is supposed to depend on lighting conditions, which might result in bad contrast. In the past I remember it was only depending on the time of day and it was impossible to get a lock at times near dusk or dawn. At the moment a real simulation of the contrast detection of the shkval is not implemented I think. As a work around you can still launch the missles in manual mode and guide them manually.
  2. I bought the campaign too! I really like the setting and I was surprised about the detailed villages in the persian gulf map. I never before explored this spot on the map from the view of helicopter. Thats really cool. But as I am not the best Ka-50 pilot I must say already mission two is hard for me. At first it was hard to spot the right targets from the distance and now I got this far, that in the end always the last enemy tank shot me down. As there were two Hind helicopters for support, it is a pity that I can not call them again for help after they finished their attack run. I would
  3. Thanks for all the replies! Now I understand the Vikhr guidance system a bit better
  4. Thanks for the quick answer! That option would be nice, because for the immersion into the mission I like to hear the russian voices. But my russian is very bad and I can not follow the mission without english subtitles.
  5. Hello, I just started the Pandemic Campaign and I really like the setting and the beginning of it. In the description it says it has english and russian voiceovers. So far I hear all in english. Is there the option to play with russian voiceovers and english subtitles?
  6. I have this module already for some years, but I never used the manual weapon mode in the past. I did not notice it in the flight manual and maybe it is not really explained. In fact it is a very important option and easy to be neglected as a beginner. When you set the weapon mode from auto to manual it enables you to launch the Vikhar missles without a proper lock. This is very imortant when you can not get a lock due to bad lighting conditions for example at dawn. Also it enables you to launch ripples of missles, which can be really deadly. You can launch a missle every few se
  7. Has somebody already started with the new Pandemic Campaign for the Black Shark? I am curious how it is and if it is worth the money.
  8. I don't know if it's just my fault or if it is a bug. When I want to select the radio preset channels with the UFC it is not working. When I select the channel with step up/down or I type in the channel number than the frequency is displayed below, but it is not used to transmit/receive. To make it work I have to type in the whole frenquency manually and confirm with enter every time I want to change it. What am I doing wrong? Does somebody else have the same problem?
  9. +1 Today I was not able to release any GBU-54. I started a mission hot on the runway in Syria. I think I did everything correctly as shown in the video by Wags. But the bomb release didnt work.
  10. Thanks Dagger, I think it happened because I forgot to select EGI as nav mode. This explains why I also had no flight path vector. I will test this later. Thanks for the help!
  11. I have not flewn the A-10 for a while and today I wanted to try the new Syria mission. But something is wrong and I can not see a gun pipper or bomb reticle. Maybe I forgot something during start up? The strange thing is I can fire the gun and drop the bombs, only the reticle is missing. Can somebody help me and tell me what I might have forgotten? Or is it a new bug? Also I can not turn on EAC, I dont know why. Everything else seems to work fine.
  12. I think I was wrong and it was just my imagination. I already saw the airport crew waving with those sticks in FS2020, but here in DCS I was mistaking the guys with the parts for the nose gear in their hands. Those struts are also painted orange and there were two or three on the flight deck. But of course thats something different, sorry.
  13. Yes, on the Syria map. It was the Case I recovery, if I remember right. Yesterday I tried several missions, but for sure it was one of the Syria quickstart missions.
  14. In the new F14B quickstart mission I noticed the deck crew uses light sticks for signalling at night. Can I use these signal sticks with my deckcrew too? In the missions I created so far the deck crew does not use signal sticks at night. Does somebody know how to enable this?
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