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  1. Hi Guys! First of all amazing mod! mega textures the art work is top lvl! Now I have seen somthing is strange so as per first page we got the pilots with faces and the oxygen masks have complete assembly but then mod installed and no pilot faces and the gear seams to be incomplete as the oxygen masks missing parts and so on, or this is still in work in progress ? Thanks some pics to just compare : With in game pilots missing parts such as faces(body) and Flight gear incomplete missing parts
  2. Hi, all development Team, I have been looking and watching lots of F14 photos and videos documents on the in game specific Tomcats Model A/B, as per title I have seen that the TCS pod has missing internal textures such as Glass reflective internal part and an lens of the TCS, see below the photo from Tomcat taxing and I capture the TCS also I will leave an video documentary were you can catch that right moment, later will add more details as on Flickr you have quite some photos of this pod and clear images on how it looks, I did try edit it in textures livery but looks like is just
  3. I agree with all of you guys that said YES ! I also SAY YES an F16D is a must as this will allow to expand capability of training and recruiting new pilots for squadrons also allowing new pilots to understand system and basic BFM, the case of scenario is straight forward as main/front seat pilot I always can take over controls of aircraft and show to the student how and what must be done and in some very important moments of BFM no to mention two heads think better than one! GIB US F16 D! Finally ED pls guys! some cool pics : https://line.17qq.com/articles/omnlokdcv.ht
  4. Hi Guys, So I just have been watching and listening the sounds of the USAF KC-135 Tanker in DCS via mission creator and found out that this big boy uses the generic A10 fan sound that is under file - EngineTF34GE100Fan - now as per below few videos on take offs of KC-135 you can hear that type of engines that are installed on those Tankers are CFM56 -2 High Bypass Turbofans before they had the PW now the ones we got they do generate rumble but is not as loud as it is in our SIM (DCS) and is quite different, I understand that making sounds only for this plane is not best strategy a
  5. Hi All, As my friend PorcoRosso86 said this is just the beginning! Stay tuned more crazy and unique stuff to come :D Thanks All, stay safe stay well.
  6. Hi my friend, Hope you doing well and safe that’s first of first, now I see you not only here but all across the DCs forum, and making very same comments with all the respect. And all you said I know that in my photos is AM F16 adopted textures, but if you would visit discord I would show you that me and other guys such as PorcoRosso86 and other skinners we making unique textures for F16C we working on improving and making F16C textures as photo real and accurate as it can be, details in 4K and above unique details. And once ED have opportunity to rework pilot and perhaps even adopt our w
  7. Hi Guys, See below a few points I have done on my F-16, I have worked all this time to improve visuals of F-16 and fixing some points using textures and also a few points that I do think must be fixed and looked at in the future at some point! Like Pilot 3D model and updating ED should work hard on F-16 as this iconic bird must be authentic and beautiful not only in real life but in our so loved SIM! :thumbup: I know we will have update along with F-16 new option to chose the canopy transparent or gold, pls can the canopy transparent be as the F-18 with same glow effect
  8. All said! Now boys ED will get this fixed eventually at some point I’m pretty sure! And include a nice set of fixes and new features along with new patch 2.5.6 so we get a new feel and more immersive experience being a “virtual” fighter pilot I want 100% of baby viper not 50% not 75% but yes a ????% dangerous viper a machine born to kill and being superior! :megalol:
  9. +1 ED MUST STEP IN WITH UPDATED REWORKED FIXED PILOT MODELS, NOT COPY PASTE LIKE NOW F18 and F16 SAME PILOT SAME GEAR, I have stated this in my topic regarding this that navy pilots use different gear from ground based pilots like F16 even ejection seat strapping is different on them, looks bad at the moment.
  10. Hi Guys, Please could someone that have Thrustmasters HOTAS COUGAR :joystick: provide a video or make an tutorial how to set up the controls for F-16C SIM to match the real F-16 buttons mapping, as atm I have it my way but would like to have it as per real life F-16. Thanks much appreciated and looking forward to hear back from you guys! I know there is lots of vids but non of them are for Cougar.
  11. Hi guys! Small update once more after testing with landing gear textures I finally found the cover for air camera pressure within textures so I could paint it and make it look like in real life. I manage to make the Landing gear now look even closer to realistic-looking by making that cap yellow and also added writings on front anding gear and paint it with red paint on top just like real one, I know this is small things but they look and give the accurate look to the aircraft :thumbup: pics below; this is now all across the default skin and any other skins I have :)
  12. AMAZING NEWS MY FRIEND !!!! See below my fully reworked to FAP standard pilot and corrected F16 skin for 60years Jaguar 301, this reworked skin is so much close to the real thing I have fallowed to the smallest details like writings in Portuguese the accurately detailed decals and colors corrections and fuel tanks to correspond to real-life 301 F16AM also added the aircraft's Serial No. :thumbup: See you in the sky guys, I'm waiting for config file so I can add moded landing gear to my skin/textures pack for F16 so all you can enjoy this cool textures :thumb
  13. Hi Guys, So guys I'm updating the textures making a pack to make real-life textures for F-16 and one of them is landing gear textures see some examples here of my reworks, thanks https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=263930 This is landing gear texture reworked to match the real thing So my question is, in order to get my moded texture of landing gear to be reflected on specific livery what line in description file I need to put? Can anyone help e out? :thumbup:
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