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  1. This TOO mode will be used mostly likely as we already use SP mode. You don't have to be "spiked" to fire the weapon in "SP" mode like a lot of people think. we run people into the TA sometime ahaed of guys with the harm and let them Wild Wiesel . Second flight with the HARM, pick the nail up and fire harm without any spike. You can fire at a BigBird 70 miles out and never get a spike, just the nail. As long as you're being painted you can find the target. looks like in "TOO" the radar will have to be emitting as well. but may gave you a better visual representation of what i
  2. So i can load the HUD perfectly fine with Medium and High texture loaded in the settings. For smoothness on a particular server I fly on, I use Low settings and havnt been able to use this bird for ages!!! I saw a particular fix in these forums, which was closed 7 moths ago because it was "corrected", but I still have yet to see that. Is there any solid fix to this? Thanks for any assistance. greatly appreciated!
  3. Banned Boy, watching from the Tower Sooo Yeahh... Pretty much sure I got banned today, on 104th! First off props for bringing the Server Pop back up on Caucasus Map I was flying on Leopard an hour ago announcing on TS, SRS and Chat that I was attacking Beslan... Had one more target to hit and RTB to get more bombs. I come back and see what i thought was an enemy Sukhoi on the ramp knowing that there was a tank that just shot at me!! SO anyone's guess would be that a RED plane had still landed. Checked the chat to see if Blue/red made the stop there but couldnt find it quick enough(
  4. Thats whyyou are getting the error Mower the update is on "DCS" but no one can download yet.
  5. Clean Sweep is a great mission so far. Loving the Red side but things may change when the F/A-18 arrives! Coming for a slot on the team whenever that will open! Couple slots on RED side for the J11A need addressing. I believe the very first slot which sits in the middle of the spawn airbase, is enclosed and the user has to taxi through the dirt to get to the runway. You guys continue to set the bar for a PvP server. Always a pleasure flying on the 104th!
  6. I can load all the servers but the 104th. Sad day for me as it was the only server I flew in. Same problem though. I have 16Gb of Ram and It fills up to 12 in a jiffy then. Ive let DCS sit and do its thing for hours and nothing...
  7. Wow ok my issue is that it wont authorize that I have the AV8 if im using 1920x1080.. WOW! Cant go full screen.. so disappointed
  8. Now the new issue im having: Failed to get authorization data. Error code is: 502 It says Multiplayer and the AV8 cannot be accessed. I give up not in my cards today. 3 hours with no Joy
  9. Soooooooo... my updater just finished(after 30 min install) and guess which version i SUCCESSFULLY update to: mind you I already have that on my PC. About to hit the fan!
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