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  1. ... although how do you take advantage of mode 1, 2, 3 on the X-52? I'm not seeing how that can be used if mapping directly in DCS. Was thinking maybe instead of modes, use pinkie switch to at least give 2 sets of inputs, but that doesn't seem to effect mappings in DCS controls settings.
  2. Excellent points, thanks for the reply! I think I'll give that a try :) I guess the only thing I'll still have to setup outside DCS is the TrackIR hotkeys for center and pause.
  3. Longtime Saitek user (started with an X-45 many years ago then eventually switched up to the X-52 which I'm still using). I've always used the Saitek software to setup all the joystick buttons to map to keys used by whatever sim I'm flying. I've picked it up again for DCS A-10C and am trying to get setup after a long time away. I've noticed some strangeness with it. Sometimes I'll plug the X-52 in and pick a profile and it won't actually seem to take effect. My tests is to open notepad and use the coolie hat and see if I get the uhjk letters). When this doesn't work, I've found a reboo
  4. I again have 1.5 and 2 installed side by side. For 2, where is the "Saved Games" directory you're referring to? I don't see that under the DCS 2 directory structure.
  5. Yes, I had them both installed previously and didn't really have to do anything other than install them both with the default options. They default to different directory names and they seemed to run fine side by side so it sounds like that's the way to go for now. Thanks :)
  6. Yes, I have DCS 2 alpha and have purchased the Nevada terrain. I had uninstalled it and gone back to 1.5 since none of the missions/campaigns/training showed up in 2. Good to know, though, thanks for the clarification. Perhaps the best approach is to have them both installed side by side then I could do the built-in missions with 1.5 and these missions with 2.
  7. Where do you put the .miz file in order to have the mission show up in DCS World?
  8. I've been out of flight sims for a long time and recently picked up DCS again. I installed 2.1 initially and was able to download and install the A-10C module. So I can at least verify that this worked for me. However, after installing I noticed there were no training, missions, or campaigns available in 2.1, despite the aircraft module being installed and useable. I then switched back to installing 1.5.x and then all the missions showed up. So, even if you do get A-10C working in 2.1, be aware that the missions may not be available. I assume this is just because 2.1 is still alpha a
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