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  1. I agree with a previous post: can the devs move this mod to github? At a minimum provide a file integrity check hash so we can confirm an unadulterated *.zip? dropbox went down, multiple google drive links. Not sure what is legit and what isn't at this point.
  2. Depends: Completed module at release? Yes. Early access release? Hard pass.
  3. LOL. That's how the other Viper based milsim works. The one with pretty darn good BVR
  4. With no dynamic campaign those totally meaningless targets will be here tomorrow and next year. Just like the were yesterday.
  5. Wags, the other, better option would have been for ED to state, and state clearly, that those items were not included in the Viper at the 10/3 release date. Then folks wouldn't have had a legitimate reason to complain. This lack of communication is a big reason for the complaints, and is quite frankly concerning.
  6. How can they not be encouraged by the hundreds of dollars I have spent on this simulation, pray tell? I fail to understand why people feel the need to treat these developers with kid gloves. Why do I need to encourage them beyond the cold hard cash I pay as a customer? I'm not beholden to them, it's the other way around. We pay them money for a product and it isn't unreasonable to question why features are removed without notice or explanation why.
  7. Scooternutz, thanks! I think I have it working, and yes, having WP0 in use for the loiter orbit doesn't seem to work. Loiter being WP1-2, with tanker track being WP3-4, seems to work. I can send him back and forth between the two. My code is pretty crude, as I am a noob. -- Tanker loiter orbit function tankerLoiter() local _tankerGroup = Group.getByName("US KC-135MPRS Tanker") local MoveLO = { id = 'SwitchWaypoint', params = { fromWaypointIndex = 3, goToWaypointIndex = 1, } } _tankerGroup:getController():setCommand(MoveLO) end -- Tanker Sierra-November orbit funct
  8. For the life of me, I cannot get this to work. Any help, please? I think my waypoint triggers are not setup correctly. Thanks!
  9. Havent tried any VR with the R VII yet, I will DCS VR try this weekend perhaps. I will let you know. Keep in mind, I have Lenovo WMR. It works, but it's no Pimax.
  10. Loving my Radeon VII. Working well in my FX-8350 machine while I wait for Ryzen 3. Doubled framerates coming from Fury X. Really like having the 16GB HBM2 and 1TB bandwidth when I see the 17-22GB of VMEM when running the Tomcat in MP. Have yet to hear the fans everyone complains about.
  11. Installed HELIOS 1.4, and and am using CZ latest export.lua with AV-8 calls. However, all my old profiles work, but the BFB AV-8 profile is completely unresponsive. any ideas? I saw someone post that some changes were required to the profile, but I don't think that is my issue.
  12. The quick guide document is confusing. Does the waypoint with the action need to be at the launch point? or at the terminal popup point? If it needs to be at the terminal pop-up point, do we need to estimate the ship position, and launch precisely aiming at that point? I set up a mission with attack waypoint at starting ship point for AI, and at expected ship point for me....they got a hit, my missiles ran dumb. I tried again with their waypoint setup, and missiles ran dumb.
  13. Developer has a nice tutorial, I might at some point try a Viggen computer. If I can manage to get it to work, I will certainly share with developer!
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