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  1. Hi Everyone, Out of curiosity, has there been a change to the menu in which to direct your wing man to Air to Air refuel from a Tanker? From memory, it used to be available from within the ‘Go To’ menu. Does anyone have any advice? Respectfully, Tripps
  2. Tripps

    AV8B - Comms

    Hi Team, I was wondering if there was a date in which an update to the AV8B will released to use traditional VHF/UHF Comms and not the current easy option ? Apologies if this has already been addressed in a previous post. Thanks Tripps
  3. 30 hours later of straight downloading and it's still not done yet. I'm on to my fourth download of 6218mb...but the download has gone past that counter and is still going. First download was 53gb Second download was 15gb Third download was 2gb I estimate all up i have downloaded approximately 70gb +... I only had the 1.5.8 and 2.2 world installed. Surely this is not right ? Can anyone offer any assistance. I'm in Australia and am on a 100mb NBN line. Thanks Tripps
  4. It's been a long frustrating process :-) I've even had a few of the 'you've been disconnected as the server is full' messages too. Hopefully it will be done today :-)
  5. Thanks for responding c0ff; however, sadly I'm still having the same speed issues.
  6. 24 hours later and still not done....so very frustrating. It's just so slow...
  7. I downloaded the first 53GB really quickly. On average my internet speed for downloading is 3 to 4MB/s; however, it when it switched over to the second file which is 15GB it slowed right down. Right now I am at 80% downloading at 500kb/s.
  8. I am in Adelaide too Phantom453, it's super slow for me and I'm on the 100mbs NBN connection.
  9. Thanks mayns414, I was thinking the same thing; however, just thought i would put it out there to see if I was the only one.
  10. Hi Everyone, Is anyone else having issues downloading the 2.5 Update from the DCS server ? I downloaded the first 58GB in about ten minutes, now I've been going at it for six hours trying to get the second 15GB torrent file. Am I doing something wrong ? Many thanks Tripps
  11. Tripps

    JTAC 'No Mark'

    Hi Guys, I’m hoping someone can help me. How do I hit a target with a GBU when the JTAC Controller calls ‘No Mark’… Obviously I’m missing something and thought I would reach out to the community for help. Respectfully, Tripps
  12. Thanks Robin_Hood, I was missing the additional zero. Works perfect now. Respectfully, Matt (Tripps)
  13. Hi Team, I’m hoping to get some advice on adding Way Points into INS Computer when in flight. I have no problems entering the Northern Coordinates fine; however, every time I try and enter the Eastern coordinates they reset to zero when I select INS. Whilst I’ve been watching the YouTube tutorials and reading the manual, I cannot figure this out. Any advice offered would be sincerely appreciated. Respectfully, Matt (Tripps)
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