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  1. The lock information (square) isn't on the plane (2nd image) The FCR indicates that the locked plane is outside the field of view (first image) instead provide a square on the plane Only one hostile plane is present in the mission. Local mission (not on a remote server) with IA plane, My PC, I77004.7 GHz 32 GB of RAM and 2080TI. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Effectively, 6 AGM 65D for training, ON at take off, and switched on during alignment.
  3. Wrong distance information in HUD With last issue of OB (Take off Beirut, WP1 Damas, HUD displays a wrong distance (normaly 50nm)...
  4. One precision, using last OB version.
  5. Are those configurations possible (RADAR Lock symbology), see attached files and track. Thanks F18.trk
  6. Thanks for you answer, as the SALT is a System ALTitude (mix of Baro and INS computed altudes), we don't need to confirm the altitude in the first aligment minute. What does-it append if we push ENTER and we set the baro altimeter during the aligment process ? I do that recently with a non nomial behavoiurs of CCIP mode the "chute line" of my M82 has pointed the sky.
  7. The altitude displyas in the INS page of the DED is linked with the baro altimeter. That means that the DED altitude is corrected during INS alignment when we set the baro altimeter in the same time (In my case the altitude in the INS has changed from -502 ft to 50 ft Senaki airport during a settting at 30.52 inch Hg. I don't understand this behaviours for an INS. Is it the reality ?
  8. Kaspersky discover unwanted tools in s DCS dll Please find the Kaspersky diag, unfortunately in french, Regards
  9. Hi, I just remark that point (Stable version), time seems incorrect on DED Regards
  10. In Wagg video, It's clear that the Waggs plane indicates a line between his plane and the locked target. And just after Waggs precises that data link indicates also the same information coming from wingman.
  11. Line to locked target On HSD I don't see the line between my F16 and a locked target by me. But I see the line between a friend which has locked the same target.
  12. Seems to be possible for a colorblind pilot to have an option on tanker : The Rigth LED ramp exactly similar to the left LED ramp ? I see correctly the left one but when i begin to see the red one I am just under the aisles. Thanks in advance.
  13. Page 6 of Early Access Guide, 22 Oct 2019- Added TWS Sub mode. My question was only to know if this sub mode is implented or not. If this sub mode is not yet implemented, how can be sur that the other described functions are operationnel, like my uncage button which does not work for me. Or if I am wrong and I miss something to do ?
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