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  1. I agree 100%. If they can get their hands on the documentation for the SU30 (K,MKI or whatever variant), then it would be the most logical plane to create. The only thing DCS is really missing is a true multirole Russian Flanker. It would also be 1 of the best selling planes i think because of all the people begging for a multirole Flanker. Including me
  2. I have had this problem 1 or 2 times also a while ago. The solution was to drop (jettison) a bomb or an air to air missile and after that I was able to select the weapons and A2G mastermode again.
  3. Launching trucks with JDAMs like this would be a welcome feature in DCS 150664330_1140751283018323_6519533134250104384_n.mp4
  4. Yes, you can see leaks on aircraft that are damaged on the ramp. They can leak hydraulic fluid and fuel. I dont know if all modules have this simulated but a lot of them definitely have
  5. You can shoot down air target with the Su25t and the Vikhr missile. You must set the targetbox to the right size. IIRC it must be set around 20 for choppers and jets and to around 60 for the big birds. You can change the targetbox with RIGHTcontrol + [ or ]. You will see a little number in the top right or top left of the skhval screen. You can only change the targetbox when in A/G mode and with the shkval screen on
  6. I'm glad this is reported and hope it wil be a very quick fix. A few days ago i was flying CAP to protect 2 heli pilots and i couldnt hit a single target with the Amraams, only guns and the 9x's would score a hit. It was almost like i was flying a Flanker or a Fulcrum
  7. Wow, these pics really look amazing! I´m really curious how the Hind wil ´work´ in DCS. It´s made to strafe (soft) targets with rockets/ guns and take out tanks with the guided missiles. But considering that the BMP's/IFV's are the most dangerous AAA in DCS (okay maybe after the Tunguska), i think the Hind will only be a slow big target for these ground units.
  8. I don't know if i understand your question correctly but you can manually guide some missiles in DCS World. The F/A 18C has the air to ground AGM84 SLAM missile which can be manually guided in the terminal phase. just like the CM802 AKG missile on the JF17. Also some bombs like the Walleye on the F/A18C can be guided to the target. If you have the Combined Arms module you can guide some anti-tank guided missiles fired by tanks or other vehicles. With some SAM units like the SA19 Tunguska you can optically guide the missile to the target in the air or on the ground.
  9. Thanks for the contribution, but i was hoping someone with the right knowledge could explain it to me.
  10. Hi, i've been thinking about this for a while now and never found an answer. I kinda know how notching a radar works in Dcs, it is a very effective method of defeating a radar guided missile. But is the vertical notch a thing? If you get fired on by lets say a s300 and you are flying at angels 30, is it possible to notch the radar/missile by diving straight down at 90 degrees so the track radar does not see you flying towards or away from it? I know you can drive the missile in to the ground that way and defeat it, but will it notch the radar?
  11. It would be so awesome if the weapons from the loadout chart are coming, but i highly doubt it :(
  12. I noticed it too last week in the SU27 and J11, sometimes it just wont give a launch warning:( You can easily reproduce this bug
  13. I am experiencing the same thing. When the pod is facing forward the controls are just fine, but when turning away for lets say 90 degrees the pod controls are inverted.
  14. Hello, i can't really find out how the SLAM-ER is different from the normal SLAM missile when it is controlled via Datalink. I read that the ER has much better range and is very accurate, and it is also controlled via the same AN/AWW 13 Pod. Does this mean that the ER has the same blurry/bad image quality as the normal SLAM at greater distances?
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