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  1. Was flying the A10C II last night. I was getting vibration feedback on the motors that still function on my jetseat.
  2. Is the Jetseat SE from the US partner the only one available shipping from US or is the regular pad an option too? Managed to get my k908 working..it was a bent pin in the power adapter. But bottom two motors stopped. I gave them a few punches but still nothing. Could be some pinched wires or dead but I haven't cut the foam that far down to check.
  3. Thank you. Only thing I do not have is a voltmeter to check the power output despite the led not lighting up. I'm assuming it's dead and will be looking forward to order another soon. This thing lasted a long time with me sitting on it every day. I could also cut the fabric on the back and look inside.
  4. I'm sad to say my KW-908 Jetseat that I ordered years ago has stopped powering on. Have not flown in what seems like 8 months and I plugged it in today, but no red light on the control box. I'm sure my adapter works as I've tested it. Something inside the seat pad may have broke. I knew about the newer models but never got a chance to order. I see the shop is currently closed until March 20th. Have people still been putting in orders? Sadly I thought I would be fine without the Jetseat but I can not fly without one now!
  5. I had to take a break from dcs for a good 7-8 months. I remember I left off at mission 10 birds of prey I believe in TEW 3.0. I've purchased the A10C-2 so if I want to continue the campaign with the new model what do i have to do?
  6. With my G1 wmr portal starts up on it's own each time my monitor wakes up from sleep or every time I reboot my pc.
  7. Probably have to make sure to drop some settings in dcs and have PD in game at 1.0. I usually turn down the traffic and shadows, reduce or turn off msa if not needed.
  8. How's it with the 1080ti? Is it performang fine in dcs ?
  9. How's the comfort? For long sorties I always feel like the G1 got a bit uncomfortable because I had to have it tight on my face so it wouldn't move because the sweet spot had to be aligned properly.
  10. That's not what it says here. AMD's 6800xt and 6900xt independent reviews are coming soon. They are already suspected to perform better or very close to the 3080 and 3090. Stock will be an issue regardless of what is coming out. But they will respond with something whether it's this or a small price cut. https://www.techpowerup.com/274505/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-ti-landing-in-january-at-usd-999
  11. I'm glad that I will just wait. There is no telling when I'll get a new GPU. Looking to get the 3080ti when it's out in January but who the hell knows. The g2 should work fine though on this 1080ti until that time comes. Hopefully everyone that ordered one doesn't have to wait too long.
  12. Here I am waiting for a 3080ti after the AMD reveal lol.
  13. No you shouldn't need to. But I would wait and see if the 20GB 3080's come in December or at least wait to see what AMD offers. The 3090 is more of a designer's card. Performance gains between 3090 and 3080 for gaming are very small.
  14. Probably will not be a separate campaign but it will be updated to make room for the A10C-II to be used.
  15. You can edit the logbook to start at a mission you were at after BD adds changes to the campaign so you can use the A10C-II. This is for people that were in the middle of the campaign before the new model aircraft came out.
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