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  1. Yes i have now mapped it. When i’m holding said button and push the throttle it goes all the way as intended. So now i do get burner on carrier.
  2. Yes on the game it’s two different mappings but on the tm warthog it’s the same indent, and so you have to choose one or the other, but it doesn't work anyway and i explained why above.
  3. I actually don't get it. I’m using Wags hog profile and the finger lifts not staying up after i pass the indent and so no afterburner in the carrier... plus by choosing to use the indents for the finger lifts i lose the option of introducing fuel to the engines when starting up by going from off to idle...
  4. Greetings, Anyone have a warthog working profile close as possible to the A10C profile?
  5. Title. I don't remember the mfcd's being so bright and almost looking washed out. They also make my trackir stutter a tiny bit. Anyone else experiencing these?
  6. When trying to download from the module manager i am getting unknown module error. Lovely :))
  7. Yes mate, have both versions installed. I have also checked them both :)
  8. I'm not getting any update and i also can't find the map in module manager... More problems as usual, why can't things just work?
  9. Having the same stutter problem on the A10-C with both TGP and mav on the mfcd's. Started with latest update. Was fine on 2.5. I am tired of this :/
  10. Hey guys, any plans for including Persian Gulf map?
  11. Do we have tanker and awacs on blueflag? and when does a new tos being released? Seems the current is outdated...
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