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  1. Spot on and that's exactly what I've been practicing the past ~2 years. I don't want to sound like an "ass hat" but my CC card stays safe in the wallet and I will not buy a single module until promised multi crew features works in Huey/Mi-8/Gazelle that I already own.
  2. In my case it's the latter. I've been giving up on MP for time being, for me it's just to much hassle ATM. My DCS flying is unfortunately restricted to shorter SP sorties now and then. This also stopped me from buying any new modules/maps since MP is the main reason I play games/sims. I still hope things will change for the better but as many others I have anticipated the DS for many years now. Would be interesting to see the result of a simple poll regarding this...
  3. What ???? I do expect them to fix everything that broke with the 2.5x transition in a timely manner.
  4. I have not bought EA so I don't know how it flies/performs/etc. but after looking at screen shots and recent videos and I love the weathered look in the cockpit as well as externally. Maybe a small thing but it gives me the feeling that the plane have a story to tell and not rolling strait out from McDonnell Douglas assembly line. So my hat is off to the modelling/graphic team :thumbup: Shots/traps in bad weather looks awesome and glad we get more weather stuff since that is paramount in all avionics. I'm holding of until it is feature complete and hope everything will pan out. Until
  5. Good it works for you but it is one thing flying over water only. How does it perform when flying over land or land on a airbase?
  6. Read my last line ;) I rather take a FC4 level AH-64 Apache than none at all! Of course if a AH-64 full fidelity module is planned and released as EA before we hit 2020 I'm all for it. But as I said, I highly doubt we will see one before 2030 if ever and by then I may be 6 feet under :)
  7. Actually this is not uncommon in any game. Many games can't handle devices plugged in after game started. Would be nice if it didn't crashed tho.
  8. You missed AH-64 Apache as an option Why AH-64 in FC4? Since I don't think we will see any AH-64 full fidelity sim before 2030 anyway. If ever...
  9. Not the first time ;) Care to enlighten me?
  10. Short answer. YES! That's not the games fault or am I missing something? You have the option to learn designing missions as well as put time away for having a server etc. etc. IMO take it or leave it.
  11. Nothing prevents you to set up your own server and not include FCx planes in your missions.
  12. Yea, don't forget about us rotor heads. Would be great if AH-64 A or D was part of FC4. Including a heli in FC4 would also introduce beginners to the heli word and if it's a 2 crew heli like Apache the would also experience pilot/gunner in MP. If they discover they like it they will probably buy Ka-50/Gazelle/... as well. :prop:
  13. First of all it's great to see a manufacturer active on forums, kudos to Logitech :) Second you just sold me a X56, been on the fence for quite some time due to reported issues with the older one. Thanks again!
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