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  1. thx guys to answer, @ kroco951, I already tried this trick but with a potentiometer, the result can not be accurate
  2. Hi guys, Since one year i try to make a Mirage 2000's cockpit :pilotfly:, I use dcs bios/arduino (thx Ian) and Exo7's library to communicate with the simulator. I got some troubles to use rotary encoder and bcd wheels, here you can see in video the problem that I meet (thx google trad) here: Test HSI VAD selector, I check this function with control reference live and all goes fine here: Test HSI VAD selector, test with DCS bios, HSI's value increases but never decreases, my arduino's circuit is correct, I tested the rotary encoder with Ka-50. here: Test HSI VAD select
  3. Up! I found a solution to solve half potentiometer useless, really idiot but it works: simple and efficient Your welcome :D
  4. {down = 3423, up = 3423, cockpit_device_id = 17, value_up = 0, value_down = 1, name = _('FBW Reset Button'), category = _('Modified Panneau Vertical Gauche')}, add this code into your default.lua (C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Input\M-2000C\joystick) and this is some axis command to add into default.lua at the last code line: {action = 3207, cockpit_device_id = 5, name = _('Auxiliary Gunsight Deflection')}, {action = 3197, cockpit_device_id = 13, name = _('ECM Box LCD Display Brightness')}, {action = 3701, cockpit_device_id = 16, name = _
  5. Next La suite du code
  6. Hi! Nice work dude! here is the code .lua to add some shortcuts on dcs M2K Salut! Sympa ton cockpit! Beau boulot! Pour répondre à ta remarque "il manque des switchs 3 way" , tu trouveras la liste des raccourcis manquant ci dessous, il faut simplement éditer le fichier default.lua de ton /input/joystick et tu pourras mapper directement sous DCS les boutons qu'il te manque! Si besoin je reste dispo
  7. Hi! Same solution here, found yesterday by Ergo, thx LeCuvier! currently, i try to find how can i create commands who increase/decrease value (2 keys binding), i test this: {pressed = 3616, cockpit_device_id = 24, value_pressed = -0.05, name = _('Frequency Change Whole Decrease'), category = _('vorils')}, {pressed = 3616, cockpit_device_id = 24, value_pressed = 0.05, name = _('Frequency Change Whole Increase'), category = _('vorils')}, who command Frequency Change Whole but the result isn't good, VOR value increase/decrease by one unit, one time only, no more. When i pu
  8. My pot work correctly on windows game controller, like Seb said, pot is an axis and that's why i'm not able to use lights panel with it. In DCS commands, lights are not design for pot, like i said earlier, lights commands are MAX MIDDLE MIN or OFF, BUT, in game, in the M2000 cockpit, the lights panel is composed of several potentiometers. That's the problem and cant find a solution, maybe editing .lua?
  9. I did some tests: With rotary encoder --> if DCS command is design for rotary, all is fine, example: we can see, both commands are config to increase/decrease value and now for lights panel: it's like max, middle, min or nothing (each one need a shortkey), won't work like pot who gradually increase/drecrease value I verified my X board's control setting and works good. Pot work fine too, i just can't setup in DCS commands (only work with axis command)
  10. Thx for answer, i already try rotary encoder, with leobodnar software, but on DCS, rotary work like 2 push buttons, one when you turn left and one when you turn right, in application with lights panel, it result in Light/No Light :-/
  11. Hi, I try to find some answers on the forum but nothing clear. Here is my problem: i bought Leobodnar BU0836X, all is fine with push buttons, but when i try to use pot i don't know how to set DCS world controller other than axis. For example, i use M2000 on DCS, i'm able to set emergency throttle, but when i try to set all potentiometers of the lights panel i can't find how to do. There is 2 separate commands, one for increase and one for decrease, bindable on push buttons. Someone know how to do this tricks? thx for help ;)
  12. Hello! Exo7 did a good job on M2K DCS bios profile, DCS BIOS v0.7.0 with M-2000C Library v1.20 to add: https://github.com/Exo7/DCS_BIOS-M2000C_Library/releases/latest Arduino Library for DCS BIOS M2000C: https://github.com/Exo7/DCS_BIOS-Arduino-Library-for-M2000-C/releases/latest Some troubles to use " DcsBios::RotaryEncoder " with this profile, may be someone can fix it? All rotary encoder doesn't work. To see some M2K cockpit WIP: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNpXoAMUBrWl7ftE0OHJYg0BLTEKbDB0A2FBzxavwqtFoi1gFJmAr0kB4d8wUMYDA?key=MnJiTWRZOFlJcWVlUVZCUWZrUF93bUlFUmUwR
  13. Thx for the informations, it's a nice idea, a path that needs exploring. I still hope that someone has the dimensions :book:;)
  14. Hi community, I would like to build Ka 50 cockpit and first, try to find all cockpit dimensions, i found this website F16fighter.de but sadly, all links are dead, maybe someone kept the files on his hard drive? :helpsmilie: Best regards!
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