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  1. FILL DISABLE button looks good. If you use black screws, it will look better. Continue your great work.
  2. IFF panel Indicator Light By the way , the IFF panel REPLY Indicator Light and TEST Indicator Light : 1) Edit the file DCS-BIOS\lib\A10C.lua 2) add two lines definePushButton("IFF_TEST_TEST", 43, 3018, 796, "IFF", "TEST Push to Test") definePotentiometer("IFF_TEST_DIM", 43, 3021, 901, {0.0, 1.0}, "IFF", "TEST Reply Dim") --******************************quick edit********************************* defineIndicatorLight("IFF_REPLY_LED", 798, "IFF", "REPLY LED") defineIndicatorLight("IFF_TEST_LED", 799, "IFF", "TEST LED") --*************************************************************
  3. The video has been uploaded.
  4. This is a small tool I wrote, in order to debug DCS-BIOS panels for my pit. Now share it with everyone, hope every fan has his own pit. DCS-BIOS Debug Tool, debug DCS-BIOS panels without start game. It is based on serial communication, can send the brightness of the panel backlight, integer address bits (such as indicators), you can customize the command button. System: Windows 7/8/10 , need .NET Framework 3.5 The video will upload later. Sorry for my poor English, can only make English subtitles. Enjoy! video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av28620446 DCSBIOS_Debug_Tool1.
  5. IFF Panel 1) I try to edit the file DCS-BIOS\lib\A10C.lua find: define3PosTumb("IFF_OUT_AUDIO_LIGHT", 43, 3009, 301, "IFF", "IFF Out: LIGHT - OFF - AUDIO") replace: defineTumb("IFF_OUT_AUDIO_LIGHT", 43, 3009, 301, 1,{-1, 1}, nil, true,"IFF", "IFF Out: LIGHT - OFF - AUDIO") Enter the game test, it looks normal. I have not tested other, you can try to modify it.
  6. CDU continue It's almost done. The next step will be programming. The phone is not a good camera.
  7. CDU PCB production The last method of making a PCB failed, so I used the original method, but with a few more steps. 1. CNC drill and cut 2. print film paper 3 with 365nm UV light irradiation 4. Development 5. Etched For the first time using this method of making PCB, pay a lot of tuition, wasting a lot of material, or not perfect, and then slowly strengthen. figure 1: ready to irradiation figure 2: PCB OK figure 3: Cut the acrylic panels, and test the buttons setup position
  8. The purchase link is in Chinese language. I can send you a message. I'm sorry, Google Translate can not accurately translate the meaning you want to say, I did not understand. Great:thumbup: "nothing can beat flipping real switches and clicking real buttons."
  9. CDU design I chose a 3.5 inch TFT screen. It is very cheap, about 12 $. Serial port screen, comes with driver chip, faster refresh rate, more simple development. There are some special characters in DCS-BIOS conversion, I try to convert to basic ASCII characters. First of all these characters used (A10C is a picture format) extracted, made font, save to the screen flash ,and then output characters through the DCS-BIOS and displayed on the screen. Some trouble is that this will need two serial ports, no choice, only mega2560.it's a bit big. I found Arduino to support STM32 MCU, but co
  10. It's have a negative shape for the arrow.because I did not care enough when filling the paint.
  11. Lights Panel I tried a lot of ways to make knobs and spray paint. 3D printer production knobs, and some direct spray paint, and some with sandpaper and then spray paint,some soaked with smooth liquid. There is the pattern of the arrow above, I use a toothpick difficult to draw a good, should buy a strokes pen to try. Feeling paint is not easy.
  12. ENV Panel I used a auto meter stepping motor like the Switec X27 and VID29. Driver chip using VID6608, dual-channel instrumentation stepping motor chip.
  13. Waste liquid containing copper ions, is not conducive to environmental protection. Individual production is relatively small, you can collect the waste, Precipitation crystallization. In my hometown, many chemicals such as ferric chloride(FeO3) have been banned from being sold to individuals. There is an environmentally friendly etchant on the market for sale and can also be used,I don't know its chemical composition.
  14. New way to make PCB After the experiment this is not a good idea. Laser engraving will form a layer of oily film, with its protection, it is difficult to etch. I try a new way to make a PCB. 1.Use CNC to drll holes and cut.( if not have,you can drill holes after the 5 step) 2.Use Spray Paint to paint PCB. 3.Use a laser engraving machine to remove unwanted protection. 4.Use oil Marker-pen to correct the graphics.(Not necessary) 5.Use an etchant to make a PCB. On the etching solution, it can be hydrochloric acid (HCL)+ hydrogen peroxide(H2O2), anhydrous ferric chloride(FeCl3),
  15. The frame of the console It's time to find a home for these panels. The material is useless floor, 12mm thick. The CNC maximum range is 300x400, only some small parts of the processing, the other with a curve saw to complete.
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