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  1. The problem is that I tried it multiple times, the HARM couldn't have missed every time, right? At least 6 shots. The only thing that I changed in the mission was the startup time (that dawn was really getting on my nerves:P ). By the way, can the startup time be randomized a bit? That would be cool, since pilots don't go on missions at the same time of day all the time. And of course, thank you for all the effort you put into this
  2. Hi, I've been playing with the mission for a while and right now I'm facing a serious issue, either I'm doing something wrong or maybe there's a serious bug? So I launch with the hornet from the carrier and immediately north there are 3 SA-8, before reaching Sukhumi. I killed them all with HARMs, actually saw the rocket smash into them, but in the end they don't die. After finishing the mission, it tells me I have zero kills, and the next time I run the mission, they are obviously still there.
  3. I got the exact same message and also Oct 14th on the german store, which got me concerned, but in the end it did arrive in 2 business days, as advertised.
  4. well, I'll try the suggested solution to run the setup again and cross my fingers..
  5. To me it happens everywhere. I'm not sure how running the setup again would reset this..
  6. So I probably shouldn't expect an answer either:) I thought it might have to do with the IPD, but that software IPD setting seems to be completely useless. BTW, I assume this doesn't happen only in DCS, right? PS: I'm not sure how it helps you not being the only one with the issue :)
  7. Hi guys, As a new Reverb owner, I noticed some issues and wanted to ask if anyone else has this. So there is a distortion in the image, most visible when moving the head left and right. It's only visible in the middle, where the images from the 2 eyes overlap, and it's like looking through a slightly bent glass.
  8. I have the pro version and I can definitely say the leather thing is not really comfortable. And it can get sweaty pretty quickly.
  9. +1 here The philips screws + threadlock is a disaster. Of course I stripped my screws when I tried experimenting with the cams, and I have a feeling there are many people here who had the same experience. I mean if it's the kind of hardware that was meant by design to be disassembled by the customer, it should have a relatively easy and idiotproof way to do so.
  10. does anyone have an idea how heavy the throttle is ?
  11. How heavy will this new throttle be?
  12. That's what I did, and as I said, I got it to display on the second monitor, which was what I wanted, but the primary monitor was black, because my secondary monitor is actually on the left side. But the main problem with this is that the menus and mission editor cannot be changed, they are always displayed on the primary monitor.
  13. Ok, so in the end I got mixed results. The thing I had never done before was to set resolution to 3840. Now I get it to display on the second monitor, and my primary monitor is black. All this only works in-game, the main menu, settings, map editor etc are still displaying wherever the hell they want. I guess that's the most I can get. Either that or rearrange monitors in Windows every time I play DCS
  14. Well I already tried that on the file I think was the default config for DCS2.5, called 1Camera.lua. Nothing changed. There are also 2 properties, viewDx and viewDy, both set to zero. I'm not sure if I should modify those as well.
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