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  1. Been flying with these guys almost 3years now. Not dealt with any D-bags within the community. But there's always people who I've never seen before that want to badmouth any squadrons that aren't 'theirs'. We have plenty of fun regardless of the know-nothing internet detractors though.
  2. Pretty similar issue here as well. When I try to join a server I get a loading screen that lasts forever. It never gets to the point it tell me its loading the map or anything. I've tried router resets, checking my firewall, restarting both DCS and my PC, my network extender, repairing DCS. Nothing works all i get is, Loading.......
  3. A freind and I attempted to use the harriers tpod for targeting jdams from a hornet. It seems that the hornet uses an entirely different lat/long format than the hornet. Is there a way to change this or a coversion one can do?
  4. Like the title says. Is there a bug with the runway lights? I've been unable to get them to turn on seemingly no matter what I do all the airfields are dark as night like no ones there. Buildings and stuff at the airfields have lights but there are absolutely no approach or taxiway lights. WTH??
  5. Same situation here man. I want a better throttle but damn this looks like its gonna blow so many offerings out of the water. Just stay strong.
  6. It wouldn't be an issue if i had as many hat keys as were on the MCG pro to my whole hotas :lol: Also, Norman Eh? Im down in Lawton myself. Didn't know there was a whole 2 of us in the state!!
  7. Just like the title Why is there no way to bind the tdc conrol to anything other than your mouse? I mean for Christs sake there are axes for SUIT TEMPERATURE CONTROL and the IFEI brightness but no axis control for something that a good 75% of players will ACTUALLY USE? Come on!!!!
  8. Generally No. We're very relaxed and flexible. We will check up on you if we don't hear form you for a while. But we don't get mad if you miss squad nights or whatnot as long as we know you're still around.
  9. Definitely gonna go for this and one of your gunfighter sticks for my next setup. I Will never run out of buttons again in my life.:D
  10. Flying with a couple of my buddies in the su-33 we've all noticed that the plane needs lots and lots of trim(more than normal) and periodically the plane will seemingly reset the trims and try to hurl us at the ground or suddenly pitch up. After while of this one of my buddies remarked that if feels like the autopilot is stuck on and can't be disengaged. We confirmed our suspicions by trying to turn the autopilot on and off multiple times each with no noticeable impact on the aircrafts handling. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just us?
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