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  1. How could you accurately set this value when you dont know how the code works? Or do you mean that just you specificaly dont know how it works? Maybe its about time someone who actualy KNOWS how it works tells us plebs? Im in really big doubt here because when you look into the lua files theres alot of commented text for variables in this section stating that even ED devs(or whoever puts them there) dont know what they mean or do.
  2. The thing we dont see is how many times Mad got shot down in the Anton before he got enough material for this vid :)
  3. Im not sure what you mean here? Are you trying to play it here into the area of "Not EVERY SINGLE ONE A-8 had EN and thus we wont implement it."? Ofcourse it wasnt 100% of all A-8. Units upgraded their planes as they received the EN upgrade kits and other parts. Shortages were ever present for LW. July 1944 marks a point when all new A-8s that left the factory had EN already installed.
  4. This was dealt with by moving the bombrack ETC 501 forward 20cm. So if you got the extra fuel tank behind the pilot you should keep the bombrack to eliminate the gravity shift.
  5. I agree with what DefaultFace stated. The problem with stating if the A-8 had the Erhöhte Notleistung or not is that it was typical for 190s to get upgraded during it service to newer versions(plane could begin service as A-2, get upgraded to A-5 year later and end service as D-9). Erhöhte Notleistung was a sort of "upgrade kit" and was being installed into planes as parts were available. The July 44 date marks the point when the system began to be installed into planes directly in factories on production lines. All this results in what DefaultFace stated that you could have 190s in activ
  6. Make him come here and explain and clarify for us. Its not like we have his number and can call him anytime right?
  7. Thank you birkenmoped for supporting the Erhöhte Notleistung boost system. Maybe an original document directly from Luftwaffe will change mind of those that deny even its sole existence. Here another source - http://lexpev.nl/downloads/fw190a8.pdf To answer some questions or statements from YoYos post again. The part about C3 fuel was that BMW 801 D-2 had to use C3 at all times in general. Wasnt meant specificaly for the boost. Why different ATAs(1,58/1,65) at different gears of supercharger? Because the supercharger cannot sustain the boost in low gear. The main reason for u
  8. Theres certainly something not right with keybindings regarding the stick: These are mine
  9. Yeah, theres no way to look badly into the sight you either see the cross or not and this is aligned with the guns always. :)
  10. The C3 fuel had to be used for all 190s with BMW 801 D-2 in general this was due to increased MP to 1,42 ATA from D-1. C3 fuel prevented preemptive detonations of fuel in cylinder(higher octane number). I believe youre talking about the C3-Einspritzung which was indeed used only for the fighter bomber variants(JABOs - F-8 for example) to increase power at ground levels(used in altitudes only up to 1000m). This system was increasing manifold pressure by injecting fuel directly into the compressor intake. The WEP system MadCat describes is the Erhöhte Notleistung. Theres a really comp
  11. Focke Wulf Jagdflugzeug; Peter Rodeike Focke-Wulf Fw 190 vol.1 - 3, Kagero; Krysztof Janowitz Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A, Modelpress; Bílý, Šipka, Šíla, Rajlich, Pátek Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Described, part Iⅈ Geoffrey Pentland, Antony Shennan Fw 190 D & Ta 152; Tomáš Poruba, Aleš Janda Schwierige Aufbaukur, Flugzeug Classic 12/2004 Revi 66/2007 Originální manuál Fw 190 A-5/6 k prosinci 1943 Originální německé dobové výkonostní testy Originální americké srovnávací testy s F4U, F6F a P47 Originální britský test Fw 190 A-3 Armina Fabera Originální americký test Fw 190 D
  12. I personnaly believe Yo-Yo here isnt correct and the boost system was no thing of few planes and should be implemented.
  13. This doesnt add up with my sources. According to my sources boost system Erhöhte Notleistung became standard since July 1944 meaning planes leaving the factory after this date had the system installed. C3 fuel had to be used exclusively for all Fw 190s with the BMW 801 D-2 engine. The Erhöhte Notleistung later became directly integrated into the Kommandogerät of the BMW 801 TH and TS engines allowing to reach the increased manifold pressure by simply advancing the throttle forward. For A-8 the boost system allowed to increase the mainfold pressure up to 1,58/1,65 ATA. The 1,58 being fo
  14. Hi, Please add modification - MK 108 for outer wings. This type of modification was available for installation since the A-7 version replacing the pair of MG 151 in outer wing slots. Thanks,
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