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  1. Hi, to have the real experience you can use the simffb mod I posted here:https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/268933-simffb-3-2-enhanced-version-for-ffb-users What it does, you can set forces for the trimmed state(when pressing the trimm button) of the joystick too, so you don't have a loose stick when trimmer is press continuous.
  2. Malexx


    Its pretty sad that the FFB don't get any Love. That counts for all ww2 modules. We have the best FFB(well in this game) in Jets, like the F14, the glory Mig15 and Mig21. Which is the only module where you feel Stick Stiffening in relation to speed.So its doable. They just don't want. For me, it was the last thing I bought(the p47). When you depend your flight simming experience on FFB, this whole thing just isn't fun anymore.
  3. Is the ForceFeedback working right now or still not fixed?
  4. Facebook? so now aim really curious if there is response .....will see!
  5. I wasted my time trying to get in touch over Facebook, several month ago. If there is an external company for customer support, which abruptly ended, the company is responsible to get the customer data from this company and care for their customers. Its not my responsibility running after a product which I already paid. And if I do some math and count this so many people which never get any device nor any mails, messages etc(I mean look at their Facebook page, look here in the forums, look in other forums) ......this company made some really easy money with stuff they never delivered.
  6. People still buy from this company? What a joke. aim waiting for over an year now. Even if the seat arrives(which I don't believe) I throw it right away.
  7. No FFB shaking when flying etc. As told in the other thread, for me its a gamekiller to not have proper FFB. And as told many times before the stiffness in relation to speed is completely off in all modules. What angers me is that the F14 has the best FFB in the whole game,because one person really cared about and worked it out. So why is this not possible on the warbirds, where it is necessary?!
  8. Even if its stated in the update. The FFB shake is not there. Please give a little love to FFB. Its possible as you can see in the F14. What is really missing is the right stiffeness in relation to speed. At 150 IAS the Stick is at its maximum stiffeness. When i do a dive with full speed there is no difference to easy cruising. There are sims out there which simulates the FFB pretty well. I know most users dont use FFB but for me and many others still using it and is mandatory for flying, the lack of good FFB kills this sim, what is a shame, because it could be really great.
  9. I dont understand why people still buy from this company. Knowing that a lot of us are waiting for order like over a year now. Go and support the one who deserves it. Wont say his name here so he is not getting in any kind of trouble.
  10. Shouldn't crash. I can upload you my compiled version. This version just enhances the Original version with some useful Helo settings. As written, this is primary for Helos since you override the ingame FFB and won't have any rumble etc. but its perfect for Choppers.
  11. Same here, no effects. I really hope they dont left us behind.
  12. No ForceFeedback on my side.Dissapointet. WW2 Plane without FFB. Please for us leftover FFB Users, implement some nice FFB effects.
  13. No, all these come from within the game. But the effects are there.
  14. Hi, iam not the creator of this, I just fiddle around with the software. Anyway, dont know if I understand you right. You can handle the modifier within dcs.
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