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  1. net.dostring_in('server', " coalition.addStaticObject(country.id.USA, ".. staticObj .."); ") When i use this function, there is desync that happens between the client and the server. The server sees the airplanes parked on deck as per normal: But the clients see airplanes which are half in the carrier deck: EDIT: I should note that the statics spawn fine once triggered inside the mission environment, but once i try to spawn them through the net.dostring_in command they muck up
  2. We have noticed the same issue on our servers. Running a moderately large mission (with no carriers present as it happened to be) I was buddy lasing a target for another player, they were trying to hit a moving convoy on the ground. It appeared that the players aircraft was about 200m off position for the convoy. They released their GBU-12 and it seemed to travel about 200m to the east of where the target was. When the bomb hit the ground, it exploded. But so did the truck being lased 200m away from impact point. We also had issues with GBU-38's hitting about 100-200m off target in a sepera
  3. After updating to the latest version (2.5.6 OpenBeta) i have noticed that when the SA page is displayed, DCS will grind to a halt and run at about 10-5fps. Once the SA page is no longer displayed (revert back to tac menu) FPS returns to normal Specs: i7-6700k, 32GB ram, SSD, 1080ti EDIT: Accidentally posted in the wrong spot, mods feel free to move thread as i can't find the delete button
  4. Howdy gents. Just having a little issue with the multiplayer Hornet missions (Hornet Over Caucasus CVN and Hornet Over PG) It keeps picking up the USN-Deckcrew addon as a requirement, but it appears that ED have blocked that addon. Is there any way i can fix this and be able to play these missions again? Cheers
  5. Is there a way you can change the name of the server that you see once you join? What i mean is that when you join the server, you have a player that sits in spectators all the time and sends messages to the server. I wish to change this name on a per-server basis At the moment i can't change it from "player" P.S. I'm not talking about the server name that you see in the server browser
  6. Interestingly enough i have a different effect, it still blocks the menu even though i don't "return true". The little box actually shows up for a beat, then disappears and lets you into the slot
  7. Here is the OCG logo for your website While i'm here, which branch of DCS will SATAL events be conducted in? (OpenBeta or Stable)
  8. Got the same issue here Might be worth noting this in the bugs/issues forum and tagging the guys at heatblur
  9. I am currently trying to use DCS lua API to manage my server. When the onPlayerTrySendChat() function is called i handle it in a lua script. According to the documentation located at 'DCS World OpenBeta/API/DCS_ControlAPI.html', if you return "" it should remove the message from being sent at all the code that i am talking about is as follows (i have simplified the code for space reasons): -- start of code snippet object.onPlayerTrySendChat = function() return "" end DCS.setUserCallbacks(object) -- end of code snippet Instead of "dropping the message" as your dcs ap
  10. League: Gold Squadron Name: [OCG] Teamspeak/Discord: http://discord.gg/ZmXEBSU Contact person: Beny Aircraft Selection. 4 x F/A-18C Pilot Roster: [OCG]Beny +10 Zulu [OCG]EpicNinjaCheese +10/11 Zulu [OCG]DC +10/11 Zulu [OCG]Rippah +9:30 Zulu [OCG]Skye +8 Zulu [OCG]Freddy +10/11 Zulu [OCG]Murphy +10/11 Zulu [OCG]Jester +10/11 Zulu
  11. Excellent, can we be expecting this fix in the next OB update? EDIT: Forgot to say thanks, thats what happens when you do stuff at 3am :)
  12. I am currently trying to use the dcs lua API to manage a server. When the onPlayerTryConnect() function is called i handle it in a lua script. According to your documentation located at 'DCS World OpenBeta/API/DCS_ControlAPI.html', if you return false and a string it should give the player a message as per the string you return. the code that i am talking about is as follows (i have simplified the code for space reasons): -- start of code snippet object.onPlayerTryConnect = function() local message = "You cannot join the server right now, please try again in a few minutes"
  13. I have all the files in the "Net" folder under "Scripts", yet slmod does not run at all? Nothing in the DCS.log either C:\Users\<Username>\DCS\Scripts\Net
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