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  1. so I guess they haven't fixed the special modes for the radar? I made a thread about this in September saying how bugged they were. They couldn't get a lock on anything over 3nm
  2. Hi guys, tried the M-2000 yesterday for the first time since the latest updates, and was wondering if anything was changed about how the radar special modes work? I remember being able to lock targets up to 10 nm or more with these modes if I could spot the dot in the sky, but now, they never pick anything up before 5nm, making these less useful if you want to snapshot a 530. Were these modes "nerfed" ? Also, it seems that you can't select the Magic missile on the store selection panel anymore, only the 530 can be selected. Sure there's the weapon quick select thing that you can use,
  3. okay I just watched a video on youtube, I'm actually talking about the trim hat :) Sorry I wasn't clear.
  4. No I was referring to the one at the top of the grip, where instead of a standard 6 way hat you have an analog stick. Some people said they didn't understand why they'd go with this as it's inferior to a standard 6 way hat.
  5. thank you kind sir. Is the analog thumbstick on the VKB something that annoys you?
  6. Hey folks, I would like to have input from people with experience from using either or both joystick. I want to upgrade from my X-52 Pro and I've been trying to upgrade it for the past month. At first, I was going for the VKB Gunfighter Pro... but they're not super available (though I might be able to get one soon). I then decided to go for Virpil because they were a bit more customer friendly, but it's also super hard to get their stuff as their restock only lasts for an hour before everything is out of stock again. Since I also wanted to get the Virpil throttle, I thought "eh, might as
  7. Everyone seems to be using the beta branch... is there any reason to use the release build at this point? Is there any reason why the release version is not updated to what the beta currently is? This is getting kind of ridiculous. I have DCS on Steam. Now, I downloaded the standalone because it gets everything before Steam (*coughcoughF18coughcough*), had to get the Mirage a 2nd time because "reasons", and now I have to install DCS a third time, this time the beta branch, because it is what everyone is using and seems to be more stable than the release version... Seriously Eagle Dynamic
  8. thank you guys that had been bugging me so much
  9. Hey guys, I'm still new to DCS worlds, but I have watched a lot of videos on youtube. I had a particular question about the F-5E radar, which seems to operate differently for me vs the videos I've watched. When I use the F-5 and I'm level flying, the antenna azimuth stays around 0 degrees. The second I pitch up or down, the antenna azimuth goes in the opposite direction. So, if I pitch up 10 degrees, the azimuth will go down 10 degrees, etc, as if to maintain a 0 degrees azimuth at all times. In other words, the azimuth isn't following the aircraft nose. In the videos I've watched, I'
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