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  1. After last update it seems we have TTT and TOT working. However it's not clear to me how the commandeered speed is displayed on the HUD. In my test I set the center of the "cross airfield" near Kobuleti as target point and I start in the air about 50nm north of it. Setting a TTT of 6 minutes I receive a commandered speed of 481kts (ground speed) in the scratchpad while a chevron and a vertical segment appear below the CAS in the HUD (NAV mode) First picture shows HUD in NAV mode after reaching CS Chevron is left of the segment Same CS but HUD in AG mode Slowing down the plan
  2. Doing some target range exercises using multiple weapons, I noticed how the distance at which the IR maverick locks its target had significantly reduced after last patch. In fact I used to lock targets within 10nm while now I need to stay within 4nm. Has anyone else noticed the same?
  3. Muy bonito el buque! No van a ponerla en los DCS User Files?
  4. Thanks for the info. So I modified the BE location putting it over my waypoint #7 (that is Fujayrah in my example) and accordingly modifying the tab in ME. Point is I don't know what change I could expect in the aircraft moving map because there's no different symbology for WP7. I mean there seems to be no change whether I chose to designate wp7 as bullseye or I didn't...
  5. I was wondering what's the purpose of the option "waypoint bullseye" you can find in the mission editor in the tab "additional properties" (the one with three dots) after selecting one harrier. After last update I was able to display the refueling zone overlay inserting the waypoint number (#5 in my case) in the mission editor option, but I'm still at loss for the use of "waypoint bullseye" because, no matter what waypoint you select in the ME, I always read direction and range towards the actual bullseye in the HUD Any idea?
  6. Once you create your personal loadout in the mission editor (and you save the mission) you will always find it within the other loadouts (online too)
  7. Really good job! Looking forward for it to be released in the user files.
  8. Having the same doubts myself (and similar rig with 6700k, 32gb and 1060 6g). Performance is all on 5700xt side being almost on par with 2700 super in many benchmarks. Considering it doesn't seem ED is going to support ray tracing, the power unit you've got might become a constraint considering the 5700xt needs much more watts than 2600s
  9. It's a backup bombs delivery mode. Follow the dumb bomb tutorial mission where it is explained after the "usual" ccip mode.
  10. Glad to have helped. I'm sure the harrier will turn out to be a very enjoyable aircraft.
  11. Have you tried to set the DMT LST page on one of the mfd? I noticed the laser sensor on the HUD remained fixed and was not going left and right as when in searching mode
  12. Indeed it works like this at the moment. The mouse wheel is the only solution (albeit slow) until it gets fixed.
  13. I let the target walk over the crossair and (sometimes) it starts tracking the target. However it seems to work better when you get closer. If anyone has a better way to make it work I'm all ears...
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