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  1. When I use my Vive I am unable to end a mission without DCS crashing. This prevents me from using "Fly Again" but rather I have to restart the DCS program. :helpsmilie: Logs.zip
  2. I was using the openAlpha version of DCS. Everything is okay if I start in the air but if I start on the ground or land DCS stops working. It locks up and the "DCS has stopped working" message appears the second I try to flip a switch or turn a knob. I am using the Vive VR equipment. This happens even on the new Operation Epsom mission I purchased. I hope this helps. Logs.zip
  3. Log file for crash OpenAlpha version DCS is unstable for me. It crashes for me when II use the Vive VR equipment. I have uploaded the zipped log file directory. Logs - New Spitfire Mission.zip
  4. I was hoping that there was a log I could send in. Where will it be located? Never mind. Just saw the link on your post.
  5. Is anyone else having problems with the DCS server stability after the latest DCS 2.0 update? I and a friend can no longer stay connected. we get a message that says that DCS has stopped responding shortly after starting a mission. We both use the Vive. Not sure if that's important.
  6. Is it possible for two players to occupy different positions within a single vehicle? For example my friend wants to fly as the gunner in my Huey. I would pilot the copter and he would handle the guns. Thanks.
  7. I can't find the UI layer that you are talking about. I'm using DCS 2.0. Are you talking about DCS 1.5? On the main screen I clicked on the gear button. (Options) then selected the controls tab. At the bottom there are a row of buttons but non are UI. There is a VR tab but it only has three checkboxes and a slider.
  8. I gave some bad information. The problem is not that VR is coming up wrong it's that the Steam VR form is on top of the game window and I can't see it from within the Vive. So I think I'm clicking on the start server button but I'm really clicking on the Steam VR window. When I start the Steam VR by hand I always minimize it. So I just have to be sure to minimize any window that lands on top of the game window and all is well. Maybe the DCS team can do something to ensue that the game window is on top? Hope this helps and sorry for the bad information.
  9. I am really loving DCS! I recently got a Vive and I can actually make myself dizzy flying! Wow! However when watching YouTube videos I notice that players frequently zoom in and out in order to spot and identify contacts. I was disappointed to learn that this feature is not supported for people using the Vive. I can not spot contacts unless I turn on labels. How are current Vive users dealing with this seemingly huge disadvantage? Is fully supporting the Vive a high priority? Thanks.
  10. Does DCS have any map making tools and instructions for people wanting to create their own maps?
  11. I think I figured it out. I have been starting DCS and expecting it to bring up the VR stuff correctly. However when I do that I can't create a server although I can fly my missions. If I start the VR software FIRST then start DCS it let's me create a server. Go figure.
  12. Has anyone else had a problem with DCS 2 and the Vive? I am unable to start a new server. The button choice is unclickable while using Vive but available when not.
  13. This will be my first VR experience and I'm wondering how to setup the Vive for DCS play. I know that it comes with a Steam loaded driver but I run DCS stand alone products and was wondering if there is a non-Steam driver for DCS. I tried a friends Vive and found that steam menus would pop up and not be visible in the VR headset. It made it really difficult to play. Thanks
  14. I understand that this is alpha but we still need to report bugs. I think DCS has gone beyond just a flight simulator with the advent of Combined Arms. I'm trying to make a scenario for Combined Arms the requires Third Reich soldiers. I'm looking for a substitute now.
  15. I'm new to DCS so I don't know what WIP is.
  16. I placed some Third Reich Mauser 98s onto the WWII map and although they show up on the F10 map and shoot at allied forces they are invisible if I use the F7 view. Has this bug been reported? Is there a list of bugs so that I'm not wasting other people's time? How long does it take to get bugs like this fixed? Thanks.
  17. I am creating a training mission for myself and a group of friends. We each purchased a copy of the Normandy map, WWII Assets pack and the Spitfire plane. I want to have enemy fighters take off from a distant field, fly to us and return when their ammo or fuel runs low. I think I saw a flag to do that but I also want them to take back off after refueling. Also is there any way to have a replacement plane spawn when a plane gets shot down other than defining multiple planes with delayed activation? Eventually all planes will be destroyed but as a training mission I want unlimited enemy pl
  18. First let me say that I am very impressed with DCS World. Wow! I do have a few questions about building missions. A lot of questions actually but I'll try to only ask one per thread. I'm using the WW2 map and assets pack. I wish to allow people who have Combined Arms to fly planes or control ground vehicles. I have selected the "Pilots Can Control Vehicles" check box in the Battlefield Commanders menu and indeed I can jump out of my Spitfire which is sitting on the ramp completely turned off. When I go into a tank however, my plane starts up and takes off. What I want is for the cl
  19. Does DCS have build in voice over IP to chat with squad members or do we need to use third party software?
  20. I have created a server as a test and set a password. I don't know how to start the mission. Once in I can't jump in units or start planes etc. Can I play in my own server? Do I need other people in the server before I can start it? Can people join the server while a mission is in progress?
  21. Map: Normandy Mods: Combined Arms, WW2 Assets The Third Reich infantry is invisible. They move on the F10 map and shoot and get shot at but can not be seen by players.
  22. I did some more testing and found that when I get the black screen I can go back into the F10 map and select an AAA Bofors and use the RAlt-J key to take control and I see everythng like expected. Then I go back into the F10 map, reselect the Firefly tank and again take control using the RAlt-J key and everything looks okay. I hope this helps the development team track down the problem.
  23. I have some friends that want to fly in Game Flight Mode but I prefer the Simulation Mode. Is there a way that I can design a mission that will allow my friends to fly in the game mode but allow me to fly my plane in simulation mode? Thanks
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