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  1. A lot of people are saying that this happens when the load weight is 0. Could that be the case in this mission? Does the load have weight?
  2. This is the way. It seems a lot of us are having the exact same problem right now with slingloading.
  3. -12 to -20 is the coldest I've done so far, it's in The crew campaign in the Arctic missions.
  4. I cannot complete mission 9 or 10, sorry not sure which. Where you have to sling a large crate to the oil platform. Every time I pick up the crate, I fly for about 2 minutes then all hell breaks loose. The crate just starts swinging wildly until the line breaks. I know how to slingload, I've done all the Huey campaigns, and the Oilfield campaign for the Hip. I can fly the Hip just fine at 90-100 knots while slingloading, perfectly smooth, I can correct for normal oscillations. This is something new. I just want to be sure it's a DCS bug and not just something on my end or pilot error. Here's m
  5. Oh I didn't know that about track files and 3rd party stuff. I'm not using any mods, just stock OB. Lately this campaign is the only time I fly the Hip so I'm not sure if it's just this or not. But the OP of this thread sounds like he's having the exact same problem as me and he's not running the campaign.
  6. Just tried the mission in the crew campaign again, same result. Here's my track. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hj_1nhjJqgvR_mgPNbGFyoiJgKYM-qbT/view?usp=sharing
  7. I'm getting it in the Spitfire too, what's causing it?
  8. I'm having the same problem all of a sudden. I finished Oil Field a while ago and did not have problems slinging, everything was smooth. Now I'm doing The Crew campaign and I've tried a mission several times requiring a slingload. Every time I pick up the cargo, fly as smooth as I ever have and the load starts to suddenly swing violently, till it's going higher than my chopper. Then line breaks and I fail the mission. I feel it must be a new bug, it was never like this before.
  9. This is the way. I'm doing The Crew campaign (excellent by the way) and you have to turn on the anti ice manually so they are constantly running. That and being quick to introduce fuel after cranking the engine will get you going in cold temps.
  10. JDAMs should not be used to attack small mobile targets anyway. If you want to plink tanks tanks from 25k feet you should be using GBU12s. JDAMS are for large stationary known targets like buildings, bunkers, bridges stationary SAMs etc. You would know the coords before you take off. GPS just isn't accurate enough for small targets, you need a laser.
  11. Best bet is to just retry the mission from the beginning, it's most likely due to DCS just doing DCS things with regard to ground unit pathing.
  12. If I enter the desired time on target for a steerpoint, following the speed guidance always gets me there late. As the desired time approaches I am always still around 10 miles away.
  13. TMS up with cursor over radar contact to change to bugged target, then TMS up again to change to Single Target Track.
  14. If I'm going to fly a ground attack mission and I want air cover, I do not let the mission plan that for me. I either edit the available CAP flights to match my take off time, or I create my own. I have had much better air cover doing it this way lately.
  15. It's working fine. Open DCS, then open the mission editor. Load the mission called liberation_nextturn. Click flight, then fly mission. After you end the mission in DCS alt-tab and you'll be be to submit the results from that window.
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