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  1. The heading and altitude knobs in the F-16 both seem to move slower than in other planes. They don't work well with the rotary knobs on the Virpil throttle either.
  2. Yeah as far as I know once the Fan Song is dead the SA-2 is down.
  3. I've looked all through the controls, can't find anything matching the tooltip over the dampener switch. It would be really nice to bind this to a physical switch, I cycle it on and off frequently throughout a flight.
  4. I've seen pictures, but I can't find them now, of a double ugly load on the F-16. So one wing tank, C/L tank, then a GBU12 on the other wing where the tank would go. Meant to try it out in DCS to see if the jet will tolerate it.
  5. When I was in Iraq, I could literally see the testicles on a goat from a kilometer away through a PAS-13, which is a weapon mounted or handheld thermal sight. The FLIR in the F-16 in DCS right now is trash, there is no way that is at all accurate to the what the pilot sees in the real FLIR.
  6. I have been able to simply command him to scan after destroying a target and he immediately searches again without undesignating. Have you tried just going menu up on a new target?
  7. Oh nice I didn't realize I could use CA. Do I have to be in the Mission Commander slot to give orders to tanks? I don't use it that much so I'm never really sure how it works in a mission.
  8. New version seems to be running great so far, but there is quite a bit of random stutter in the first 10 minutes or so for me, then it goes away and it runs perfectly smooth. Maybe just scripts loading and units spawning in? I have been wondering, are we supposed to start at the north from Incirlik or south from Ramat David, or does it matter? is there and order in which we should progress? The briefing says phase 1 is to capture airbases in Turkey and Israel, so can we just attack from either air base?
  9. No the time doesn't advance when you start the mission again, DCS can't do that. You have to set the time in the mission editor if you want it to be different
  10. Actually I don't think the HUD TD box can be re caged, I think it always has to be on a steerpoint until you move it.
  11. TMS down? Not sure but that is usually the answer in the F-16.
  12. Nevermind figured it out. I left a nut loose on a screw holding the gimbal in place.
  13. I have the long extension. Using 50+40 springs. It feels like about 1/4 inch of movement to the right is happening with no spring tension, then I can feel the springs engage. The other 3 directions feel tight, under spring tension right away. It's only going to the right. It's registering the movement in axis binding.
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