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  1. I wasn´t really too interested in the “Vulkan for DCS” discussion as I had no real idea what this could practically mean…until a few days ago when thanks to the YouTube algorithm I was made aware that “in one of my other simulators” (I understand that I´m not supposed to specifically name other games…) an update with Vulkan support has come out (that has already happened a few moth ago, so YT was a little slow this time, but better late than never…). I gave it a try and - with my hardware unchanged - the performance went from really unplayable (I haven’t touched that Certain Other Simulator W
  2. This thread just saved my day...Had the same issue and the last .lua file you had provided fixed it nicely. Thanks a ton to everyone involved!!! I really appreciate that you have put in so much time so quickly for an obviously rather rare problem...
  3. Unfortunately not really. The CG team sent me a new "work in progress" version of the firmware and suite some month ago which I tested. IMHO there are still some major snags for using it in DCS: Since mouse emulation in "absolute mode" does not work as per now (only in "relative" mode) your hand position does not really correlate to the cockpit. What I mean is: you can have your hand low on your left side and operate a switch which is in the upper right corner of the cockpit. It depends on where you "pick up" the cursor...This is fully functional, but spoils immersion. This should change on
  4. IT WORKS!!! I had whitelisted the DCS exe files in my regular Antivirus (Norton) right after installation but - according to recommendation of our federal "Agency for Risk Assessment" (I guess you are not surprised that we have something like that in Germany) - I´m running a second opinion Anti Malware something called Hitman Pro Alert which I had totally forgotten about. After deactivating this, everything works great...Just did the Huey City Tour in the PG map and the F 18 carrier start, I just love it (this is going to be a loooong night..). Great job, Guys. Thanks to the ED Team gi
  5. Me, again… Sorry. Installed OB on my new drive, worked ok for a couple of times, then after a restart the same problem again (may be pure coincidence but the last time I used the game before the restart, I ticked the box "save password"; I seem to remember that bevor my old installation failed, I checked "stay logged in"). As I have enough SSD space now I installed the release version, that works just fine. Just for fun, I tried the OB Version again, and all of a sudden, it works (didn´t change a thing). So that issue is miraculously solved for the time being...keep my fingers
  6. "go nuclear"... for a very short moment I was tempted to throw in an incredibly funny pun involving North Corea Thanks again and I´ll let you know how it went. So this will be about a week of DCS cold turkey with the new PG map and the F 18 just out of reach... I guess, poor old Tantalus wouldn´t want to be in my shoes… Have a great weekend!
  7. Thanks so much for your very fast reply. As I´m pretty close to "dumbest assumable user" I sort of messed it up. What I did is downloading the DCS_updater_64bit.zip (the one under Troubleshooting), extracted it in my download folder and ran it (I can see you rolling your eyes). It downloaded and copied for a while (I shutoff the Norton AV beforehand) and then told me that it has finished installing (the stable version), and then I got an error message that the bin/dcs.exe file couldn´t be found. I checked in the explorer and found, that my Open Beta installation in my
  8. Hi there, I would be most grateful for some advice on this: I´m running Open Beta (which I created from the stable release using Skate Zillas extremely helpful Updater Utility). Worked great until I tried to use the new Persian Gulf Map and the F 18. Both didn´t work i.e "crash to desktop" when trying to use them (different story, I guess, or is it?) but after doing a restart in order to fix this, DCS won´t start at all (have tried all available methods including start in VR or without VR via the Updater Utility). Two login popups appear very briefly, then nothing, i.e. des
  9. Hi Guys, I would be extremely grateful for some help here (my IT knowledge is somewhat limited, I´m afraid). I tried to use the PG map, but every time I´m starting to do anything with it (using the ready made A 10 Missions or try to create a mission in the mission editor) DCS just shuts down (no warnings, no popups, it´s just gone as if it had been closed (Nevada and Caucasus did run ok). I have version installed, did 2 repairs with skatezillas (god bless him) great and for the mentally challenged - if it comes to IT stuff - like me live changing Updater utility. N
  10. For the missing texture there is a fix on Page 73 of this thread which worked for me in 2.5 open beta
  11. Basically love the new 2.5 but it would be just great if it would look nice in VR without DS. DS makes the cockpit harder to read, it kills FPS and for me personally the worst thing is that you just cant run MSAA more than 2x and this flickering makes me more mad that framerates in the 30th - without stuttering that is - and on MSAA 4x it stutters really bad (and I´m running a GTX 1080 an a brand new K 8700). Apart from that great work ED, that Kaukasus map is so nice and having all maps in one game is really neat!
  12. I mailed CG support and within less than an hour I got the reply (on a Sunday!). I had contacted them pre sale and post sale with some questions - same story, instant replies... At present, the glove can not emulate the touch controllers because no one let´s them in: Oculus is actively preventing emulation of the controllers by some weekly changing "counter hack", and ED with 2.5 coming up didn´t have the time to implement CG support on their end. Arizona Sunshine works (only) via steam, because the Steam VR engine works with the CG VR driver so there they can emulate the touch controlle
  13. Just tried it out. Behaviour of the glove does not change in 2.5, i.e. it "just" emulates the mouse and not the touch sensors (which is not really immersive). As I said in my previous post, it is obviously possible to emulate touch controllers as there is a video showing guys playing Arizona Sunshine with it. I´ll contact theyr support (have some other questions too, as I plan to do a review of the product, there are some things you should know bevor you buy...), normally they are very fast in replying. Keep you posted...
  14. Stay tuned, I´ll check it out with my glove and post the result. Might well be possible because you can play Arizona Sunshine with CG as I understand. But we´ll see...
  15. Thanks a lot, Issimo. I still can´t believe the "it just works as mouse buttons" thing. I understand from the documentation that in DCS for turning the switches etc you work with The Glove in "mouse emulation mode" which to me means, it emulates a mouse. When I use my trackball (or my normal mouse) I don´t have to look at a switch to manipulate it, I can place the cursor on the switch by moving the mouse/trackball (and look the other way). For that, you need to check the "use mouse" (or whatever it´s labelled in English) box in the VR settings (I don´t usually do this, as it´s more convenie
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