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  1. Can someone help me? Trying to implement the Airboss script for Moose to use with supercarrier, I was able to load up the moose.lua file so i have "other/settings" in the comm menu but no Airboss, I tried loading the airboss.lua after the moose.lua with no luck. The guides are a little confusing to me as I just only want airboss nothing more.
  2. Train your speech engine again or adjust the name so the speech engine can recognize it easier.
  3. Could there be a clickable mini keyboard added in the future for manual note entries? Would be useful for live players acting as JTAC as I'm sure it won't automatically log in their 9-lines
  4. Does anyone have a good F/A-18C simshaker profile for the current SSA version? Seen a couple on YouTube but it wasn't up to date as some effects were missing.
  5. Thank you, also is multi-crew available with this mod?
  6. So I ordered Andre's Jetseat and wow, his customer service is amazing, he replies back with me almost always within the hour of messaging him, product is to be arriving today, ordered product on the 1st of this month, it's only 5 days from purchase and I'm receiving my product at the end of the day today. Realteus: Waited 1 year and 5 months for a refund ticket and still waiting a month later for the actual refund, so that says a lot.
  7. O.O Okay don't bite my head off jeez was just asking
  8. Will this mod break after the big update today?
  9. Okay, thank you for your support guys. :thumbup: In case anyone else needs to know, if you have HARMS, MAVS, or SLAMS you need to first deselect them from the STORES page in order to use your FOV HOTAS/keyboard button on your TGP. If it is selected you have to manually press the OSB button to change FOV.
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