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  1. I’m another that had performance drop significantly. I had just recently got my frametimes in the very low teens and today’s update has pushed those into the high 30s, and mid to low FPS as well. I’m going to wipe the config, gpu driver, and retest this coming weekend. 9900k 2080ti 32gb G2
  2. Thanks, will need this as I tweak my setup this week.
  3. Sorry I have no help but can relate. I had issues with keyboard not responding in one particular MP server, couldn’t figure it out and then it stopped. Sorry for no help, but wanted to chime in that you’re not alone with experiencing this at some point.
  4. Do you have anything in your export.lua; tacview, simshaker, helios? If yes, comment out the lines and test again. Tacview recording can kill FPS by nearly half for VR users. If no, sorry it was my first thought when reading your post.
  5. Print screen saves to your documents folder/DCS/screenshots even you’re using VR.
  6. Similar to the mission 1 issue previously reported, the Alert Mission forces easy communications and full labels, both overrides the user defined comms and label option.
  7. Unsure about IC. If you have a joystick program you can do the same with macros. Way back when I made an auto start for f4af on my Logitech G15.
  8. Custom radio messages are not logged on the kneeboard.
  9. Correct jets with live munitions face the nose towards the berms.
  10. Make sure you place your INS knob to IFA once the alignment QUAL reaches 0.5 OK state.
  11. Reference new manual, that isn’t required.
  12. Have the same encounter in my current attempts, 4 missions in and thought I was missing something (maybe I am still). I’m not a mission planner person, never used it before. I’m not seeing anything on it to target. So I spend a lot of time wondering around aimlessly hoping a SAM goes live. Weird thing when I’m not carrying harms (once) I did see one active site. Still learning the design to how this should be flown.
  13. Reviewed the tacview and the carrier group made a 180° turn, at that point is when things went crazy regarding the pathing. Perhaps a different formation for the battle group is what will prevent it.
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