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  1. Your issue is you left your aerial refuel door open. Note the door is visibly open in your external view, and the BLUE RDY light is illuminated on the right indexer. So slightly different issue, I don't think the jet should go for a bucking bull with the door open. However there are limitations in place in the -1 that covers the door and when it should be opened and closed. Regarding the pitot heat, the switch in the cockpit is designed for on the ground icing. Once the jet is in the air, the WOW switch enables the heater regardless of the cockpit switch position.
  2. What exactly is the goal with an over-g of any suspension gear? I am curious what the simmers would want to see in an over-g scenario.
  3. Correct. Unsure at what point the rest will be available. Source: Chuck's Guide, cross referenced to official Viper documents.
  4. They are not made of rubber, but are made of plastic and occasionally find some wooden ones.
  5. Wings First is for when three bags are carried, as it is named when in wings first the external fuel tanks transfer before the centerline. If it in NORM the centerline feeds first.
  6. The FWD and AFT Reservoir are the main fuel supply to the engine. External wing tanks feed the wing that it is attached to, and the centerline will feed both wings.
  7. Upload a track, maybe you're doing something wrong on takeoff. From there we can determine whether it is a bug or user. FWIW I don't have any slow gear transitions, or stuck gear.
  8. This needs to be moved to the bug reports page, as it is should be a bug and not a wishlist item.
  9. Did you activate the switch again? Once NLG strut compresses on landing, press and hold switch, speed brakes will fully open to their 60° angle.
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/settings/ Change Display name
  11. Very long shot in the dark here, but for everyone having issues with SteamVR crashing. Do you also have error code: 157 "Disk # has been surprise removed" in your event viewer/windows logs/system? Additionally in Device Manager/ Disk Drives do you see "Xvd"? Internet research shows this is a virtual disk drive by Microsoft, for XBOX Game Pass games. Which I do have a few games via that. I'm curious if others have the same chain of events, as I get a random game pauses which matches with the timestamps that the "Disk # has been surprise removed". On some of those pauses
  12. My user name was =Panther= and for some reason it now has a string of numbers added to the end? I would like to get my original username back please.
  13. Read the note from 6 Feb 2003 on this link: http://www.f-16.net/aircraft-database/F-16/airframe-profile/3090/ Airframe Details for F-16 #90-0718
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